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Remember that with you are not just some pharmacy 'chemist'. You are an alchemist, a master of combining the arcane with chemistry. Alchemy is more than mixing the right leaves and monster toenails together, you also need master the arcane.
— The Novice's Alchemy Cook Book

Job Description

An alchemist is someone who is a professional in the field of Alchemy, the process of using magic to bring out the arcane properties of mana rich ingredients and infuse them with spells. The job most often involves creating Potions and elixirs to sell to others, though others can simply do it as a hobby.



Being an alchemist requires a basic knowledge of herbalism and cooking as well as some magic training, thus most alchemists tend to also be Mages. It can take a lot of practice and trial & error to get good at the job. Like any merchant job, one must be prepared to do a lot of traveling as well.



Alchemists are important for people with less spell knowledge to still use the magic they need to do certain tasks. Potions are often used for medicinal purposes, like to heal injuries or illnesses, or improve physical performance.



Typically potions are best made in cauldrons, as they are easy to clean and remove residue form previous potions. They also come in many sizes, from small portable ones to large ones that sit as a centerpiece for an apothecary. The larger ones tend to have spigots or drains built into them as well.   Many alchemists own a wide variety of Brewing Wands, a special type of Wand used for stirring and imbuing mana into a potion. They come in a variety of sizes and can be customized if an alchemist specializes in a certain kind of potion.

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While hobbyists can work with whatever they own, professional alchemists require a consistent supply of ingredients they needs for their more popular potions, this means they will often make deals with certain merchants who specialize in harvesting or collecting the items they need.   They also tend to work with glass makers, since bottles are needed to contain the potions. For safety reasons it's ill advised to reuse bottles, and an alchemist should be prepared to buy new ones frequently.  


Alchemist typically work in apothecaries where they can house their tools and ingredients. Typically these rooms will have a cauldron or a brewing table in it, though portable brewing tables do exist. Apothecaries require a connection to a water supply like a well or a sink, and need a ventilation system to clear the room of magical fumes while the potions are brewing. It's important to NOT use a sink to dump potions, as they will get into the water supply and poison other people. Instead, it's advised to have a basin to dump failed or expired potions into and then empty the slurry outside later. They are usually lined with shelves or are connected with storage rooms that house the ingredients the alchemist needs to produce potions. A lot of space is usually needed for who tend to horde ingredients. Some ingredients need to be closed in cases or jars to keep fumes from other potions away from them and keep them from being contaminated.  

Dangers & Hazards

Like any form of magic, a lot can go wrong if an alchemist doesn't know what they are doing. It's always unknown if a potion has the effect it's intended for. A confident alchemist can usually recognize if something has gone wrong, but the less experienced often need to test the potions before selling them. This can result in unintended side effects and whatever is being tested on, especially if its the alchemist themselves. Cases of armature alchemists poisoning themselves is all too common.  


There are a lot of laws around alchemy and what is legal to sell to the public. Insanely powerful or dangerous potions like Power-bomb Potions are illegal to sell or even produce. Poisons are also against the law, but are often sold on the black market anyway.

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