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Wands & Staffs

"A wand or staff is any mage's best friend. Admittedly us mages are weak and out of shape, so a good staff can be the thing that stops you from being spriggain food."
— The Value of Magical Weapons Vol. 1

General Mechanics

Staff and wands are useful magical tools used to increase the range and effectiveness of a mages spell casting abilities. They act as lightning rods for magic, channeling the spell into a more focused point, increasing it's power and accuracy.   Casting magic by hand tends to be unruly and unfocused while also having a short range. While useful for hands on scenarios, a staff or wand is needed for long distance casting, which is often needed in a batter scenario. These items are usually customized in their look and function, and each mage can have a weapon that is entirely unique to them, their skills, their budget, and their personality.  


Staffs are long tools held in the hand that can range in size from arms length to being several inches taller than the users height. They are usually built with a long wood or metal shaft, with a textured grip to hold onto. They tend to have pommel at the end which can be decorative or could be sharpened to act as an emergency spear. Sometimes the pommel is removable to reveal a hidden blade inside.     Staffs usually have a topper, which is a large decorative ornament at the top of the staff that holds in place a Magic Crystal. Crystals are excellent at channeling certain types of magic and are a must have for a staff to be functional. The toppers are often ornate and designed to allow the crystal to be removed and replaced with another that can fit in the same slot. Toppers are often customized to suit the needs of the mage using it.

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The staffs size and reach make it a very powerful magical weapon, and it's also one of the more popular choices for battle mages, competitions, or simply a mage that tends to travel a lot. The drawback to staffs is they tend to be heavy and bulky, which can be difficult to carry around all the time. They are only meant for out door magic, as clumsily waving a long pole around in a room can lead to accidents   They also tend to be the most expensive, as the use the most materials and take a lot of time to craft. Often times mages with a smaller budget will make their own, often crafted from wood as its a cheap material.  


Wands are much smaller than staffs, often fitting in the palm of the hand. They tend to be no longer than a pen, remaining small and easy to carry around in a pocket or bag. Wands are often made entirely, or at least mostly out of crystal, and are slotted into a wood or metal cover to act as a grip, almost always having the pointed nib of the wand exposed.   Wands are a smaller, cheaper alternative to staffs, and easier to use for beginner mages and young children. Their size makes them easy to store on your person, so they can be pulled out at any time, anywhere. They are less powerful than staffs but are useful in a pinch. Unlike staffs, the crystal is not easily interchangeable, but since they are so easy to come by, a mage could have multiple wands for different purposes.  

Other Items

Brewing Wand

A wand type that Alchemists use when brewing potions. They are usually simplistic tools with plane wooden handles and crystal attached to the end with metal wire. They can be the size of stirring spoons though longer ones exist for larger cauldrons.   They are mostly intended to be used as stirrers for channeling magic into a potion, but don't really makes a good replacement for a wand, as they are only effective in water and are quite weak. It is the equivalent of bringing a butter knife too a sword fight.  

Crystal Balls

  Also known as Orbs, crystal balls are spheres that channel magic. Their unique shape allows them to build up a lot of magical energy like a charge and cast a more powerful version of the spell. However they tend to be still be unfocused when they cast, so are often used for more safe spells like illusion magic. Often they are used as communication and surveillance tools, as they are able to reproduce 3D images inside the crystal.

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