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Mages Council

The Mages Council is a massive group of magicians and magic users that run and manage magic related affairs throughout The Empire of Fanentous. This group, made up of high ranking magic users, make the laws and regulations one must follow to legally use magic. People who break these laws are liable to being arrested.   They are also in charge of the mage colleges scattered around the empire.


Council members act as various governmental positions, and have a rank system that determines how much power they have in making laws. From lowest to highest you have   Council Intern Apprentice Council Member Senior Council Member Council Supervisor Elite Council Member Mages Council President- Also known as the 'Grand Magician'.   The position of Grand Magician is a powerful and respectable one, as they are the head of the council and ultimately have the power to approve or veto a law before it reaches the eyes of the Empress. It takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication to reach the position and is usually left up to a vote by Elite Council peers.   Grand Magicians have their positions until they retire or die. Of course, council members can petition for the Grand Magician to be impeached, if he is disliked enough by the rest of the council. The Empress or Emperor also has the power to remove the current Grand Magician from office.   Another thing to know is that in order to become a council member, one MUST have graduated from mage college.

Public Agenda

The Council is dedicated to upholding the laws of magic according to the High Angel Evysus as well, making magic safe and away from abusive or dangerous magic practices.   Certain practices of magic are banned all together, such as necromancy or mind/body altering magic. Dark Magic, while not banned outright, is frowned upon, and the council has yet to full trust the usage of it, however they fear the backlash from outright banning an entire field of magic.  
"As a member of the Mages Council, I hearby swear to uphold the law of The Empire, The High Angel Evysus, and to continue my studies for the greater good of the world, in the name of Fanenta." Mages Council Oath


Before there was the Mages Council, there was the University of Aspiring Magicians, a higher education school for students wishing to improve their magic after finishing their basic education. This particular university ended up becoming very popular with it's reputation of training very talented magic users. Eventually the university expanded to other cities in The Empire.   To accommodate for the larger reach, the Mage's Council was originally formed to manage these new schools and make sure school rules were upheld. Empire officials began to notice the growth of the school and the council, and appreciated their dedication for upholding safe magic laws, and decided to assist with this, that the Mage's Council would be made an official branch of the government.   Since then, the Council has been able to use The Empires resources to continue upholding the law as well as manage their schools.

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