"Like most people, I too wish to take a trip to the waters of Aparlium. It's the closest thing to a real beach like in those tales of New Earth. It was so nice to dip my toes in the water, even if I did get my toe pinched by a crab." Faerin Leyrick's Tour of the Floating Isles


Province of Aparlium

  Aparlium is the most recent addition to the Empire of Fanentous. It is a well known tourist destination as its beaches attract people who have never seen an ocean before. Currently, the country is ruled by Queen Miyasi in it's capital of Palalona.
  The region is populated with a lot of elves that seem to be a mix of Wood Elf and Desert Elf. Attempts have been made for these elves to be classified as 'Tropical Elves', however requests for this have been often gone ignored.


Aparlium existed as an independent country for many centuries as the Empire grew around it. For a long time it was considered a territory of Aurora, as the two countries intermingled frequently, and the lakes were used as a source of rare fish. The people of Aparlium demand independence from Aurora and become their own country for a little while.
  The region has a deep, cultured history, full of many traditions orginating both in religion and superstition. For centuries the people of Aparlium worshiped a mythical creature known as The God Squid, which was a massive squid that was said to protect the waters of Aparalium.
  In the 1700's Aparalum was hit with a massive hurricane that wiped out much of settlements in the area. When the people were struggling from the aftermath, the Empire aided them by providing supplies and medical aid to the country, which greatly improved their relationship.
  Sometime later, Aparalium would be involved in a violent despite over power and ownership between Aurora and the neighboring Lilihum. After some discussion, the country agreed to become a part of the Empire as it's own province and have access to it's military.
  in the 1990's, Vahit and his Shade army would invade theFanentous Capital. After this ordeal, the capital took the [The Goddess Staff they were holding and brought it to Aparalium to keep it hidden and safe. It currently resides inside an underwater temple at the bottom of the largest lake.


The islands of Aparalium are large, concave masses of land that are filled with water, with a thin strip of land wrapping around it. They could be described as giant, floating bowls of earth containing salt water. What little land that surrounds the lakes tend to be warm and tropical, with beaches along the edges of the water.
  Because of how thin the land of these areas are, the Orbitite that keeps them aloft is exposed around the outside edges of the landmass. As well, there's both normal and reverse waterfalls that poke out through 'leaks' at the bottom of bowl. Like most of the island's water masses, the constant flow of water up and down, as well as frequent rain, prevents the lakes from draining.
  There are 3 large lakes and 3 smaller lakes making 6 bodies of water in total. They go quite deep as well. The sheer size of these bodies of water shouldn't be underestimated, and could even be classified as small oceans by some.

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Flora & Fauna

Aparalium is 75% water, meaning it's home to a wide assortment of salt water fish that can't be found anywhere else in the Fantasme. It is a popular place to come fish or try sea-food. Some sea creatures have been able to grow into a massive size, and some reports even claim seeing giant squids, likely the source of the 'God Squid' myth.   The land has it's fair share of unique creatures like a variety of colorful tropical birds, and exoctic flowers and insects.  

Natural Resources

The provinces largest resource is fish and other sea-life, but they also have access to an abundance of water, despite it being salt water. The Aparali people have perfect a technique of using enchanted salt lamps to draw out all the excess sodium in the water until they are left with clean, drinkable water.

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