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Daenious Mangnisis

"My Ludin can be awfully spicy for an ice mage, hoho! You'll have to forgive him, he's usally a sweetheart."

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Daenious is a tall wood elf with slender features and very long pink hair that hangs in his face, with two braids that frame his bangs and tuck behind his ear. He has grey eyes with heavy eyelins that often ives him a tired or bored expression on his face.  


He wears a patterned ankle length robe with a sheer, skilk top that is long and flowing around the sleeves. His ears are pieces with many ear accessories, and he wears long, arm length, finger less gloves.

Special abilities

Daenious specializes in Illusion Magic.

Specialized Equipment

Daenious owns staff with a roze gold pole adorned with diamond-shaped enchanted ruby.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Daenious is a mage that has worked at the Mages College for years, and has been working on his internship in the Mages Council. He has been a long time friend and romantic partner of Ludin Emisri, and has supported him and his scholarly endevours, and when Ludin got himself bitten by a werewolf and contrected Lycanthropy, Daenious was the first person he went to for help.   Daenious currently fills the role of the secretary for the mages's tower in Nemekadi and can often be found at the receptionists desk in the lobby.   Spoilers for Fantasme Imagination Below

Llihum Arc

Daenious was working at the front desk when the Goddess Knights came in to look around, and asking about getting there companion, a deer Centaur named Rozehert enrolled the school. Daenious is skeptical about this regretfully informs them that the trials for entry are over. THis upsets Roze, so Daenious comes up with an idea.   He offers that Roze can do his own trial by helping his friend with a magic related problem, and he promptly brings the group down to introduce them to Ludin, who has been locked up after turning into a werewolf a few weeks prior. Ludin sends the group on a mission to go to Lilihum and fetch a cure for lycanthropy.   However after a week, the Knights return unsuccessful and beaten by the Beastcia, which frustrates Ludin and causes him to berate the Knights and get into an argument with them. As they leave Daenious apologizes for his friends behavior and thanks them for at least trying.   But the whole situation gets Ludin really worked up and stressed out, with the full moon approaching, Daenious feels bad for him and offers to escort him to the courtyard to get some fresh air and cool off. The two talk outside for a bit which seems to calm Ludin down, but then he suddenly shifts an hour earlier than expected, not giving him enough time to contain Ludin again. In his beast state, Ludin attacks Daenious, leaving him badly wounded as he continues to cause chaos in town.   Daenious manages to slowly pull himself off the cold ground and limp over to the center of the town where Ludin is subdued with swords from guards and Knights alike pointed at him ready to kill him. Daenious intervened and pleaded for them to spare him, admitting he was the one who let him out, and that he would be the one responsible for taking him to Lykos Isle. He once again apologized to the Knights for all the trouble and was taken to an infirmary to be treated for his injuries.  

Lykos Isle Arc

  Daenious is able to recover from his wounds in a weeks time. He does get some symptoms of lycanthropy infection from the bites he sustained, but his magic was able to fight it off and not turn him. Once he was fit for travel, he took Ludin to Lykos Isle, all the while feeling terrible for it as Ludin refused to talk to him the whole time.   He helped Ludin get settled in and said goodbye to him when visiting hours was over, but no one was happy about this turn of events. Daenious returned home and was temporarily suspended from the college due to his actions, and would need to earn back the trust of the school. Meanwhile, he tried his best to contact Ludin through mail but would never get a responce, so he started trying to visit him. But every time he tried, he was stopped at the gate due to 'strange behavior in the cursed'.   Daenious became desperate to speak with Ludin again, so he once more requested the aid of the Knights.




Daenious only entered mages college when he was 25 and managed to graduate as a student, but he still studies at the school as a scholar and works for the school to earn extra money and try to get into the Mages Council.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Daenious enjoys hanging out with people and social events. He is fond of showing off his illusion magic the others and performing tricks with it.   He hates being lonely and going a long time with out communicating with someone. He is also not fond of his job or doing any intense labor, but does it anyway cause he knows its the only way for him to rise up the ranks.

Virtues & Personality perks

Daenious is a laid back elf who is very kind and socialable. He has a very easy going attitude about his job and the school rules and is willing to bend them a little to help others. He is much better as communicating with others than Ludin is, but talks to Ludin a lot cause he finds his ramblings about magic charming in a way.

Vices & Personality flaws

Daenious's easy going nature can often be borderline lazy or careless. He's prone to making up excuses as to why he can't do something that's asked of him and would prefer to nap or read on the job. He is also prone to not thinking through the consequences of his actions, especially when he starts breaking the rules for people.



Daenious tends to move very slowly and calmly. He tends lazily meander when he walks, and he speaks in a very soft, but casual tone.


Ludin Emisri


Towards Daenious Mangnisis


Daenious Mangnisis


Towards Ludin Emisri



Ludin and Daenious were both classmates for years and shared an interest in magic that they formed a bond over. The more social Daenious was one of Ludin's only companions during their student years and Daenious filled a very protective role for the absentminded Ludin.   They two eventually grew affectionate of each other, but have always kept their relationship on the down low. They eloped in their late twenties, but they still tend to stay pretty quiet about their relationship.

Legal Status


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Year of Birth
1985 AD 31 Years old
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Significant Other
Ludin Emisri
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