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Mages College

A Mage Tower is a type structure owned by the Mages Council and multiple of them exist around the various capitol cities of The Empire of Fanentous.

Purpose / Function

The Mage towers are designed to be universities for young aspiring magicians to enter after they graduate basic education. It's a place for mages to congregate to study, discuss and practice magic.


Most mage towers have a few basic elements. They tend to have 2-3 story, wide bases and the iconic 'tower' coming out of the center. The towers usually accommodate classrooms, libraries, dormitories, practice halls, apothecaries and more. The rooms are usually wrapped around a round hall, with the center of the tower being for the long spiral stair cases to the top. Lastly the tower will tend to have a large open roof top which can act as a practice field or just a nice place to take a break and get some fresh air.   Many of the towers are surrounded by a campus, with extra dorms, large practice fields, campus shops, and recreational activities.   The architecture can vary slightly depending on the city the tower is in. Currently there's a mage college located in the capitol of every province in the country.   The mage tower in Fanentous Capital could be considered the 'default' tower, as it was the first one. It is also the largest tower, as it stands tall well higher than the city walls, making it stand out even from a distance. it's a very simple design, a tall white tower of mismatched bricks. Every 4 floors theres a dark violet bricked balcony that wraps around the tower, with 5 of these for the 20 total floors.   The mage tower in Nemekadi is actually an ancient, massive tree, one of the same species as Ormin The Great Fairy Tree. The rooms are actually in the center of the tree, with platforms around the tree to access it. The tree only contains 10 floors, though it does go down into a basement area with more rooms. It contains no dormitories, instead students live in dorms located on the surrounding campus.   The mage tower at Variscite Peak its built into the city. Since the city platforms layer over top of each other, the tower runs through a row of 3 platforms, with 3 entrances on each one. This tower has a far more 'steam punk' aesthetic than the other towers. Additionally due to the lack of space, the tower doubles as a massive windmill which powers certain things for the city.   The mage tower in Alma Shaharee and it's campus sits in the back of the city. The ivory tower is brightly painted with intricate designs. Surrounding the base of the tower is a quite large pool of water, with a bridge leading to the tower itself. This tower has a stain glass dome at the top that can be opened mechanically.   The mage tower of Falle Anor was onein the running for the second tallet mage tower in the country, at 16 floors tall. It was also the second most famous at the time, before the city was destroyed. Currently, the tower still stabds in ruin, but standing nonetheless. However the rooftop and floor 16 were destroyed.


The original tower, known as the University for Aspiring Magicians, was a college built for people wishing to study their magic. The success of the school allowed for the school to expand int other cities and eventually form the Mages Council.

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