Ormin The Great Fairy Tree

The Spirit of the Forest

"Honestly I never thought I'd see The Great Fairy Tree in person, but I managed to get here during the harvest festival, the only time they let strangers in. I won't lie, as we started to ascend the elevator, I was starting to get a biiiiit acrophobic. The tree is just so tall. Walking across those platforms was giving me jelly legs, and I could hear some fairies laughing at me. But the festival was a great time none-the-less." Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles
  Also known as just 'The Great Fairy Tree', it's the capitol of Aurora Forest as well as a major Fae village.


The tree over the years has been hollowed out, allowing fairies to live inside of it and under it's protection. It also has had wooden platforms and small houses build onto it, to make it more navigable. The tree his a pulley elevator at the bottom that people can to reach the top of the tree. Since this is one of the few fairy villages humans are allowed into, it's made to accommodate them more.


The inside of the tree acts as a town center, with schools, inns, bathhouses, storage, govermain offices, and more being located with in the walls of the tree. Fairy houses line the outer walls of the tree and resemble little doll house both in design and in size, due to the fairy's ability to shrink down and fit inside.   While the houses aren't designed for humans to enter, most of the rest of the village is, which means while other races can visit, it's not possible live there for an extended period of time.


The name 'Ormin' refers to the fairy spirit that is believed to inhabit the tree. Fairies often refer to the settlement as if it was a person. The tree itself is hundreds of years old, making it the oldest and tallest tree in the Aurora Forest. It's also the oldest known fairy settlement.

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