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City Among the Trees

"Ah~ Nemekadi. I think I have only been to the capitol once in my life, when I was a little kid. It was my journey here that inspired me to write this book. I had no idea their mage tower was just a huge tree in the center of town. I'm not sure I want to practice magic where I can constantly get splinters." Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles
  Nemekadi is the capital of Aurora Forest, and a Wood Elf city.


The main population of Nemekadi is comprised of 60% Wood elves. Though, being as close as it is to the empire's capital, it sees a lot of other races visiting and living there every day. The second most common race are fairies, due to their close proximity. Many fairies that left the confines of the restrictive fairy villages will move to Nemekadi.

Industry & Trade

Nemekadi is the producers of meat and animal by products, due to wood elves' proficiency for hunting. It's also a hot spot for mages and alchemists since it is so close to the forest.


Nemekadi started as a small wood elf tribe. When the Dualist religion started to take over Aurora Forest, Nemekadi became hub where foreigners would come and settle, quickly growing the village into a proper town. When the Empire of Fanentous was formed, Nemekadi was approached with the idea of merging the two territories. This was met with a lot of push back from those who had still not converted to Dualism, or simply those who wanted to keep their current government.   For about a year or so, this lead to a short lived war between the two groups, before a peace treaty was made, allowing the province to keep their current government, while still becoming part of the Empire.


Nemekadi is the smallest capital city in The Empire.The architecture of the city is vaguely reminiscent of ancient aztec strictures, minus those built by foreign parties, such as the Nemekadi magician tower.


It's a city that sits in a grass plains area just outside the forest. It's also the closest city to the Fanentous Capital. One thing to note is that Nemekadi is actually split between too islands, with a bridge going between the east and west sides.

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