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The Great Fae Forest

"Here's one tip about the Aurora Forest. Don't go around putting things in your mouth. I may or may not have taken a bite out of a few magical fruits or mushrooms that had... weird side effects. I had to go to an alchemist to get that orange branch to stop growing out of my head." Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles


Province of Aurora

  Aurora is a province located in the Aurora Forest and under rule of the Empire of Fanentous. It is the homeland of both the Wood Elves and the Fae, who coexist together.
  It's capital is Nemekadi and it's current ruler is Queen Farain Midow, a young wood elf nobel wth no spouse or heirs to the thrown at the moment. Persi Lavin, an elderly man and political representative for the fairy community, also live in the capital and serves just under the queen.


Aurora is likely one of the oldest nations in the Fantasme. It began as a simply fairy nation, but would later include wood elves, who began appearing in large numbers in the area as well. The people of Aurora were very spiritual with many religious customs and views. The nation was allied with the neighboring Dualist nation of Fanentous for many years during the The Hundreds Year War.
  In 154AD, after many of its citizens had converted to dualism, the two allied nations merged into one Empire, but allowing Aurora to keep it's name and legal rights untouched, it was kept as its own province, with it's own king that still served under the Emperor or Empress. This became the standard for any nation joining the empire. Soon after, the fair-folk began to push back on the empire with protests that targeted the wood elves. Their reasoning being that their fairies were not consulted during the merge. As a means to appease the fair-folk, a representative of their choosing would be placed to rule along side the current King or Queen.
  In 1703 AD the previous Emperor mysteriously died with out any heirs, so a new family was to be chosen to rule the empire. It was decided that King Syra Corrin would become the next Emperor. The Corrin family ruled for 7 generations until Aylus Corrin, the soon-to-be empress, married a human warrior. This controversial decision was bet with outcry from the population and it was decided that the Corrin family would be removed from the throne in 1862AD.


The Aurora Forest is the home of the province and named after one of the largest forested regions in the world. The landscape ranges from space tress and grassland, to basic woodlands, to thick forests with massive trees. The islands are slightly mountainous, full of cliffs and rolling hills. Many of it's islands close together, often near feet apart and at different altitudes. If you aren't careful it's easy to miss the gaps between the islands with out small they tend to be.  

Flora & Fauna

  The Aurora forest is so thick with trees and plant life, one could argue they make up most of the 'geography' of the region. One forest in particular is famous for being the home of the largest species of tree in the world. Tree's so massive that it's possible to live on and construct houses inside and around. Even their roots are so thick and tangled that they cover the forest floor.   Ormin The Great Fairy Tree is one of these trees that the fairies have made their home, still alive after centuries, it's trunk and branches are covered in fae houses. The Mage Tower in Nemekadi is also made from one of these massive trees, however that one had been dead for a long time, and required repairs to make it livable.   The Aurora Forest has the most diverse ecosystem, as it is home to many strange plants, animals and cryptids such as pegasus or jackalopes. It's also the only place one can find Mimikiwi or Mindshroom. It's believe that some giant carnivorous plants may also lurk in the forests.  

Natural Resources

  The forest is an excellent resource for a variety of herbs and produce. It's a go-to place for alchemists looking for ingredients, since many of the plants are enchanted and produce magical effects when cooked or eaten. Being a forest it's also a go to area for the lumber industry, or for professional hunters.

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