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Fanentous (Province)

The Rippling Grass Fields.

"There's something about the way the long grass flows in the wind that is simply hypnotic. I feel at peace leaning over the side the the caravan with the breeze in my hair. In the distance I can see the walls of the Capitol looming over the horizon. I have to say, it's rather intimating. Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles

The Province of Fantentous

  Fanentous, not to be confused with the Empire of Fanentous, is the province that started it all, and is the seat for the Empire. It's capital city, known just as Fanentous Capital, is a massive city resting on a series of strangely symmetrical islands. The province lacks its one ruling body as it recognizes the Emperor or Empress as it's ruler, regardless of their country or origin. However plenty of the land is split up and owned by numerous noble families.   The area is also full of rogue 'self ruling' human villages, though efforts have been made to regain control of these areas.  


Fanentous was the original Dualist settlement. Settlements in the area can be traced as far back as 2500BC. The first every temple of Fanenta was constructed on the very same island The Capital would be in the future. Many temples were constructed in this area, some of them even used as burial grounds, but many of them now abandoned, scattering the landscape.   For a period of time, Fanentous had merged with the neighboring nation of Suhkorium, even building a bridge across the massive gap between the cities. But in 200 BC the Hundred Year War, a relgious difference caused a civil war that once again separated the nations and turned them against each other.   After the war ended, the islands of Suhkorium fell from the sky, and Fanentous was flooded with refugees that had escaped the destruction. Most of them were humans, who due to being ostracized by the elves, settled their own homes and villages far from the capital.   Over time Fanentous would form relationships with and merge with other countries, forming The Empire as we know it today. Being the location of the Capital, Fanentous has also seen it's fair share of wars and battles.


Also known as the Fanentous outskirts, is a cluster of islands that make up the province known as Fanentous. The outskirts are a mostly grassland area with large green fields and rolling hills. It makes for the perfect farm land. There are a few wooded areas around but no where nearly as thick as the ones found in places like Aurora.   Many populated places have special artifical extensions off of their islands that act as ports for airships.  

Flora & Fauna

  Many creatures can be found roaming the plains of the outskirts. From the large herds of cattle grazing on the grass, to the smallest of field rats avoiding the eye of the birds of prey the fly overhead.   Since the fields make such good farm land, many species have been brought over to the area to be farmed. Many of them are invasive species that have made themselves home around the outskirts. A famous topiary garden maze can be found near the Capital, full of flowers and plants.

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