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Empress Lyndis N'illum

The Desert Elf Empress

Empress Lyndis Elina N'illum

"I will not let this Empire fall to one man and his band of demonic abominations. If Vahit wants a war, we'll give him a war."
Lyndis is the currently the Empress of the Empire of Fanentous, successor to Maradis N'illum, the previous Empress. She is the 3rd Empress of the N'illum dynasty to rule.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Lyndis is known for her powerful, strong, beautiful desert elf features. She has a strong jaw and narrow piercing eyes that demand respect from anyone who looks at her. Her dark complexion mixed with her white hair gives her an other-worldly, angelic appearance. She keeps her hair adorned with several braids


Lyndis wears traditional robes of the Empire's royalty, a long white dress with a golden tied around her waist with many gold adornments handing from the fabric. She also wears a pink shoulder cape that bears the sigil of the Empire. On her head she wears a jewel encrusted head piece with large decorative wings. She is also known to wear earrings that make her ears look longer.

Special abilities

Lyndis is reasonably skilled in Arcane magic, however she has never intensively studied or practiced it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Life as a Princess

Lyndis was born in 1972 to the N'illum royal family. She was born an only child to Maradis N'illum, the previous empress. She was raised most of her life in the palace at the Fanentous Capital and grew up as most children of the royal family do, being taught the ins and outs of being en empress in case she would soon have to take the thrown. Unfortunately, she would soon have to do just that.   In 1990, The Suit of Hearts would attack the capital, where thier forces would prove to be too much for the unprepared royal guard to handle. As Lyndis and her mother were being escorted to the carriages in order to try to move them out of the city to safety, they were stopped by Vahit himself. While the other guards died fighting shades off, Lyndis was grabbed by one of the younger guards and the two ran off to a save location. Unfortunately, her mothers guards were all defeated, and Maradis was beheaded by Vahit.   Theo escorted her safely to a bunker, and she thanked the young guard as he ran back out to defend the city. When the Shade retreated, a different guard came and retrieved her, in which she asked for the guards name so she could reward him later. She kept the name Theo Winter as she took her place as the new Empress

As the Empress

  After the chaos of setting Lyndis up for her new position died down, her first order of business was to form a group to defend Fanentous from the next attack by Vahit. She brought together three people who were rumored to have played vital roles in the battle. Theo, Sarah Spencer and Naina Meywind were all called to the palace as the Empress thanked them their help and proposed a plan to stop further attacks from shades.   Over time Sarah would form a group of other warriors and mages called the Goddess' Knights, who would answer to her. With the help of the Knights, she would the Empire in war with Vahit and his demons.   During this time Lyndis would get married and give birth to her son Prince Fyedin. She would later divorce her husband   After a decade of fighting and Sarah and her Knights seemingly no where to be found, the Empire was fighting a losing battle. Lyndis had no choice but to call back her forces. The royal guards only duty now was to defend the capital at all costs. Unfortunately, this allowed for Vahit to take over or destroy numerous settlements that were unable to be properly defended.   Overtime, despite not relinquishing the stolen territories, Vahit's activity started to go dead for some unknown reason, which left the kingdom in relative peace for a while.




Lyndis was home schooled in the palace by servants and teachers working for the royal family. She was given the best education in the country thanks to her status.

Morality & Philosophy

Lyndis is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the Empire, as it is her duty as Empress. Unlike the Empor/ress's before her, she is much more willing to take risks and try new approaches and tactics. She is less shy about who she make allies with and is willing to give anyone the fair chance to protect the empire if they show the desire to, regardless of race.

Personality Characteristics


Her main motivation is to protect the Empire as best she can, but deep down, see wishes to see Vahit pay for his crimes. Her drive comes from losing her mother in his attack.  

Virtues & Perks

Lyndis is open minded compared to her predecessors. She was willing to put her trust in many people whom society would have considered unworthy to fight for the Empire. She often sees potential in people that no one else would, and is willing to turn a blind eye to things like race and background.

Vices & Flaws

Being as young as she was, Lyndis in her early Empress-hood was naive and emotional. She was too quick to but all her faith into anyone who had the slightest chance of defeating Vahit. She's also not the best strategist, and her battle plans late in the game may have cost the Empire the war.



Lyndis is polite and well spoken, thanks to being raised in a royal family. While she can be stern and serious most of the time, she can be more friendly and even occasionally joke around.

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