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Desert Elf

The Fae of the Sand

Desert elves are a race of Fae that live in the vast deserts of A'ramel Alshiu.  

Basic Information


General Features

  Desert elves are generally the tallest race of elves. They have medium dark to dark skin tones and resemble humans of Arabic, Egyptian or Indian decent. They tend to be slimmer with more narrow faces and eyes. This lips and nubian or hawk noses are common facial traits. They also tend to have longer ears than other elves. Desert elves are considered to be the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing races in Fae culture.  

Special Skills

  Desert elves are known to be generally faster and more agile that other races. They are also known to have a significant resistance to heat, due to the climate they live in.   Desert elves are also known to have an affinity for arcane magic.  


  Like many other races, desert elves were the result of the original Fae mix breeding with humans, causing them to lose their wings and develop human skin tones.   Ancient desert elves had a booming economy and very developed cities by the time The Empire of Fanentous arrived at their doorstep. They were stand-offish at the empire's attempts to convert them to Dualism, as desert elves previously were not a very religious people. When converting them religiously failed, The Empire's next plan was to form trade agreements with them. This proved to be a lot more effective as well as profitable.   After a few decades of friendly trading with the desert elves, they would eventually agree to have A'ramel Alshiu become part of The Empire as a province.


Culture and cultural heritage

Desert elves culture, visually resembles Arabic or Egyptian cultures.   With A'ramel Alshiu being as large as it is, the desert elves have a very diverse culture. The desert elves never had a single, grounded religion before joining the empire, so traditions can greatly differ from city to city. Many of these cultures have a focus on artistic endevours. Music, dance, painting, fashion, poetry, writing, and theater are all very important to them. Much of their trade involves artisan goods as well, such as paintings, clothes, textiles, tapestries, sculptures, decorations and more.   The same can be said about the economy. While cities like Alma Shaharee do very well financially, smaller villages are forced into poverty with the high taxes and poor distribution of resources and goods. This has forced many in the poorer communities into crimes such as theft and scams. There is even the Bandits of the Silent Sands which act as the center of organized crime in the area.   Sometimes, citizens who wish to remain lawful will travel to other regions via caravan to move somewhere safer and more economically stable.

Common Etiquette rules

Desert elves are very stern and strict when it comes to their etiquette and laws. Many citizens, especially those in larger cities, are very formal in their mannerisms. Inappropriate behavior is usually met with harsher criticism or punishment than in other regions.

Common Dress code

Desert elves tend to wear a mix of baggy, layered clothing, or minimal clothing. This usually involves layered trousers or skirts and tight revealing tops. It's common for desert elves to wear leather armor or bandages more as a fashion statement than practical use. It's also common to see desert elves will scarves or veils over their head or faces.   Jewelry is known to symbolize wealth, so richer desert elves can usually be seen wearing dozens of gold rings, jewelry and accessories at any given time. Growing out ones nails to an excessively long length and then decorating them with paint of small jewels is also a common practice among wealthy women, however some men will do this as well. Long nails show that the person is wealthy enough to not need to do hard labor that would break their nails.

Funerary and Memorial customs

In the past desert elves used to bury their dead in tombs and temples similar to the Egyptians, however the practice died out soon after joining The Empire.   Modern desert elves continue the common practice tying the dead to a ceremonial parachute and letting them drift into the abyss.

Common Myths and Legends

Some elves believe that the water that flows in from the Mizt River that flows through the desert has healing powers.


Beauty Ideals

Desert elves find the idea of showing extra skin, such as the stomach, shoulders, arms, etc. to be quite attractive. Desert elves are known for their habit of over accessorizing to make up for their lack of actual clothing.   Short hair is a common trend, despite being uncommon for fae in general, as the heat of the desert makes long hair unbearable.

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