A'ramel Alshiu

The Floating Sands

"My gods, this place is sweltering. Our guide nearly got us lost in this sandy wasteland and I ended up getting sunburnt. Everywhere you look is sand. On your left, sand, on your right, sand. NOTHING BUT SAND. Oh wait I saw a lizard. Scratch that... that's was a rock. I really regret not taking the boat down the Mizt River." Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles

The Province of A'ramel Alshiu

  A'ramel Alshiu is the name of the province located in the Alshiun Desert, and home to the Desert Elves The province is under rule of the Empire of Fanentous, and currently, its former royal family now acts as the ruling family for the Empire. Empress Lyndis N'illum is recognized as both the Empress of the Empire and A'ramel Alshiu's queen.   Since the empress no longer lives in the province, its palace and local politics are overseen by the noble families under the N'ilum dynasty. Currently noblewoman Emori N'tina acts as the Empress's Representative in the province.  


  A'ramel Alshiu had been known for it's booming economy and prosperous cites, despite the conditions of the landscape. Historically, A'ramel Alshiu never had an official religion, as the Desert Elves valued more the the progress and happiness that could be gained in life, over the potential rewards of death and devotion to an unforeseeable god. This made it difficult for the Empire to attempt converting the country to Dualism, as there was heavy push back against organized religion.   Instead the Empire decided to ally with the nation by forming trade agreements. Over time the two nations would form a closer relationship, until A'ramel Alshiu would officially join the Empire in 139AD.   In 1727AD the former capital, Falle Anor would be destroyed after a disastrous attempt at opening a portal to New Earth. It resulted in the deaths of the ruling family at the time, and in the leading months, there was much infighting in the country over who the new royal family would be. The huge divide the indecent caused entire factions and cities to be ostracized once a new family was chosen. This was the beginning of A'ramel Alshiu's growing economic imbalance.   The city of Alma Shaharee was chosen as the province's new captial and the palace would constructed, bring even more life to an already very populated city.   in 1862AD, the current ruling family for the Empire are removed from their throne due to public outcry against a controversial marriage. After deliberation among the Mages Council, it was decided that the ruling family of A'ramel Alshiu would take the throne. A few months later, Thynis N'ilum would take over as the Emperor.


The area that A'ramel Alshiu is located is often referred to as the Alshiun Desert. While technically a floating land mass like the rest of the isles, Alshiu is different as most of the landmass is connected, creating one massive super island. This makes the deserts feel vast and endless, causing travelers to get lost after losing their sense of direction.   The climate of the Alshiun desert is hot and dry and precautions should be taken to protect one from the sun. Sandstorms are also common out in the desert, which can be dangerous if caught in one.   Being the largest connected island, it's also host the the largest river system in the world. The Mizt River is a massive river that stretches across most of the Alshiun desert. Many cities and villages have made their home by the river, making it a perfect path for traveling the hot desert. The river runs directly through the provinces capital city.  

Flora & Fauna

The desert is full of plants like cacti and other water conserving plants. Your typical assortment desert dwelling animals can also be found here. The desert is actually one of the only places one can find wild Birigon as it is their natural habitat.   Many of the flowers that grow on the cacti can be used to create dye for making clothes or paint. Some flowers in the cave systems are bio- luminescent and can also be turned into a sort of glow in the dark dye, however the glow wears off fairly quickly, so it's only used for face painting or other temporary uses.

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