Lykos Isle


Lykos Isle is an island designed to quarantine those infected with Lycanthropy and prevent their curse from spreading wildly out of control through the Empire. The the population is made up entirely of werebeasts.


The region is under control of and monitored by guards who make sure no lycanthrope is attempting to leave the island. Major decisions are made by the overseer, who is usually a healthy elven official who lives in the main village to manage it.   THe residents are free to live their lives however they wish as long as they are following the rules. There is a curfew every night except for full moons and visitors are only allowed in at certain times of the day. Attempting to escape, or attacking guards, the overseer, or the other residents will end in termination. As well, all residents are legally obligated to participate in test or experiments designed for developing a treatment for the condition.


The island itself acts as a pretty good defense for keeping things in or out, but to ensure there are no attempts to escape, there is a large magical barrier around the island that covers most of the island. The other major defense is the dock that controls who comes on and off the island.   The rules for the area are very strict to ensure the werewolves are safely contained. In order to enter you have to pass through checking stations on both docks. Visitors must go through a blood test that checks for the infection in their blood. If the test comes back positive, they are escorted into the city and are unable to leave.   Visitors are only allowed inside during specific times of the day, unless they have special permission, such as a research license, or on official business for the Empire. People are not usually allowed in at night and especially not during full moons.   Visitors are required to go through full body checks to make sure they are not bringing any contraband into the the isle. Weapons and powerful arcane objects are not allowed in the village. Visitors can however bring belongings or gifts to their friends or family inside as long as the follow the rules.   Pets or livestock are not allowed in the village as they make easy prey, instead food is imported from the Empire to the village. However this often leads to food shortages which leave the inhabitants hungry and agitated, making them more violent when they turn.


While the residents can farm, live stock and pets are banned from the village, as they tend to get eaten. So the residents get all of their food and supplies shipped to them once a month. Because of this, food has to be rationed carefully to avoid a shortage. The side effect of this is that weres have ravenous appetites that are never satisfied, thus making them more violent towards 'prey' in their best forms.


The main village on the island are build with normal cabins made of of a sturdy wood that can hold up against the typical werebeast. The houses are all very similar and come in different sizes depending on household size. New weres entering the town are typically assigned a home, but can request to change it if there is a problem with their current living space.   There are also community centers were villagers can gather and interact with each other. Near by is also the station that the overseer resides in.   Lastly there's some lovely gardens where the residents can practice meditation or other calming activities.


The island is a small chunk of land on the southern side of Fanentous. It is a temperate region with small forested areas in the center of the island. Most of the housing is located around the outskirts of this forest that is mostly very grassy and flat.

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When lycanthropy first broke out in the Empire, the government had to figure out a way to stop the spread of the infection quickly before it caused mass death and destruction. At first the plan was to lock up those infected, but the curse had alreasy spread to too many people and dungeons were becoming over crowded fast. After that, people started forming werewolf hunting groups to purge the population, however that started a witch hunt of people accusing others of being cursed, and perfectly healthy, innocent people getting killed over it.   Finally, the Empire decided to go back to their idea of containing them, but this time humanely and on an island with plenty of space. The area was dubbed Lykos Isle, and it became a place where those infected would be taken and kept away from other settlements. People were not happy about it at first. There were riots, revolts, mass attempts to escape, but the Empire was not swayed. In the coming years, reports of werewolf attacks dropped significantly, and those living on the island eventually got used to their new lives.
Being all werebeasts, the residents of the island eventually formed a community bond and would discuss with each other how everyone managed their condition. Many people took to practicing meditation to reduce their pent up anger and emotional troubles, and physical therapy to treat pain. Many also took up relaxing hobbies to free their mind, like painting or gardening. The island soon became a very relaxed and supportive environment which continues to this day.   Residents are very welcoming of new comers, and will patiently listen to their stories and woes. The residents are empathetic and affectionate and are not afraid to offer emotional or physical support to someone who is upset. The residents participate in group meditation and therapy sessions frequently.

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