Howlite Hills

Ghliteren's Rear End

When I entered the Howlite Hills for the first time, I felt a bit out of place. It's full of all sorts of real adventuring types. I walked into a supply store and told the clerk about how I was planning on making the hike up the mountain. She looked me up and down and laughed in my face. She eventually started recommending all sorts of gear and supplies saying how important they all were. Now I have a bag full of junk." Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles
  Howlite Hills is a small Mountain Elf settlement at the base of the mountain of Ghliteren.


Howlite Hills sees a lot of travel ib ab out, so a large number of foreigners also live in the town as well as the mountain elves.

Industry & Trade

The settlement makes its money primarily through the air ship ferry system as well as the selling of supplies to people coming through to hike up the mountain. There's also a few farms at the base as well.


There is a large port platform that comes off the island to allow in the airships.


Howlite has a variety of equipment and supply shops for the daring traveler wishing to make the climb up the mountain.


Howlite Hills began as a small outpost at the bottom of the mountain for people to rest that before making their way up the mountain. Some people who weren't willing to make the entire journey up the mountain would end up staying in the outpost for extended periods of time. Eventually people started to make homes there and move there permanently.   After the airships were invented a duck was built at the end of the island in order to house and dock the boats. This ended up bringing in a lot of income and even more travelers. Despite its popularity and accessibility, it was not made the capital.


Howlite is mostly small tudor houses and buildings.


The base of the mountain is significantly warmer than higher up on the mountain. Howlite is a hilly grassland full of goats and alpacas.

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