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Empire of Fanentous

The Empire of the Goddess of Light

The Empire of Fanentous, also known refered to simply 'The Empire', is largest governing body in The Fantasme , and the main one in which the story takes place.


The Empire is ruled by a monarchy, with an Emperor or Empress being the highest authority. Below the Emperor/Empress, their are the Kings and Queens of each province. Fanentous doesn't have it's own King/Queen, as the Empress fulfills this role.   The Emperor is often chosen from one of the noble families of the other provinces, as such, The Emperor my also act as King for another province at the same time. If this is the case, a representative will be selected to manage government affairs in their place.   The ruling family is voted on and chosen by the Mages Council.Typically, the title is based down to the first born heir, however if there is no direct heir, or if the the Emperor has committed crimes against the Empire, the family can be removed from throne and a new one chosen.   The ruling family my must have lived in the Empire for at least three generations and they must have pure elven genes. Interbreeding with humans have gotten former ruling families dethroned in the past.  

The Mages Council

  The Mages council is a large group of specifically chosen, gifted mages who act as a form of congress. They manage magic related affairs in the Empire, as well as being responsible for proposing laws for the Empress's approval. Typically, graduating from a mages college is required to even be eligible to join the council.


Before the Empire existed, there was only small settlement of people who practiced Dualism. Dualism was a religion formed around the Gods Fanenta and Suhkor and Suhkor. Two cities would be born from this Fanentous Capital and Suhkorium. The two cities were allied with each other and acted as one for many years. The Great Bridge was constructed between the gap to ease travel. However, the gods would begin to fight with each other after the birth of Ehona.   People began to choose sides and the two cities stood their ground on their respective gods. This caused a civil war that split the nation into two. Because of the immortal nature of gods, this fighting lasted for centuries, all the while the two nations grew ever bitter of the other. Eventually the gods would have a final battle right on the great bridge, and there, Suhkor would die. His death triggered a calamity that cause many of the floating ilse of Suhkorium to fall from the sky. Fanentous realized that its largest enemy had been destroyed.   Human refugees from Suhkorium poured into the country, escaping the destruction of their home, however they were not met with kindness from the empire. Many were taken as slaves, while others settled far from the elven cities that barred them from entry.  

Forming the Empire

  With Suhkorium gone Fanentous began seeking out relationships with other neighboring nations. Over time they would begin to merge with these nations, the first being with Aurora. Later A'ramel Alshiu, Ghliteren, and Aparlium would join as well, forming the Empire as it is known today.  

Lillihum War

  The Empire had made an attempted to take the islands of Lilihum Islands Under control of the empire, however the fae that lived there fought back fiercely. The battles on the island permanently changed both the islands and it's people and in the end, the Empire back out from the islands.  


  The centaur race fought for their independence after many of their kind had been kept as slaves. The Centaurs started riots and raided cities to liberate their own, causing many problems for the Empire. Despite the Empires attempts to stop them, hordes of centaur fled to the islands of Kheiron to escape the Empire. Nearly a decade later it would finally be made illegal to keep any sapient being as a slave.  

The Shade War

In 1988, a mysterious man and his horde of strange demonic creatures attacked the capitol, causing mass destruction and death and costing the life of the Empress at the time. Though the shades were driven out, the destruction they caused was significant. The new Empress, Lyndis N'illum formed a group of demon hunters known as the Goddess Knights and declared war on the shades that were terrorizing the Empire.   The Goddess Knights disbanded in 1999, and the war reached a stalemate, but is still not technically over.


The Empire has a very strong and well trained military. They make use of not only they typical swords and shields but battle mages as well, and their proficiency in magic has helped the Empire become as powerful as they are, and make them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. The military also deals threats such as monster attacks.   A few special factions of the military exist, such as the Royal Guard, a prestigious position which focuses on guarding royal families and capital cities, or the Goddess' Knights, a group of specialized warriors assigned to deal with demonic threats.

Technological Level

The Empire is a magic based society. While some strides in technological advancement have been made the focus on it is not as strong as advancing magic and it's capabilities. The Empire is seemingly stuck in state renascence state as far as human technology is concerned. However they make up the different in magic artifacts that perform similar function and have mastered the art of long distance communication, air travel and a primitive form of electricity.


The Empire, by name alone, is heavily tied with it's religion. It formed from the religion once known as Dualism, which believed in the idea of Alpha and Omega creating the world. This belief was strengthened when the actual god Suhkor would descend and communicate with them.   After the Hundreds Year War, The Empire --and the elves in particular-- leaned in favor of Fanenta, calling Suhkor a fallen god. The worship of Suhkor was frowned upon. Seeing as humans were the primary worshipers of Suhkor, this started racial tensions between them.


  The Empire spans over a good portion of the Solar Archipelago, as it has merged with various countries in the region. Thanks to this, the Empire has access to many different types of environments, chalk full of resources that they can use and trade.

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