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The Goddess Weapons

The Ancient Crystal Weapons

The Goddess Weapons are powerful magical items created by the Grand Angels to aid Fanenta War of the Gods, but now contain pieces of her soul.  

The Weapons

There five weapons in total, all being made of out gold and priceless gemstones, and bare an angel wing motif on all of their designs. They are indestructible and won't break under pressure, but can be manually taken apart by its host (something that is typically frowned upon.) They're physical forms can change dynamically, changing in size and weight to work best for the size of their wielder. Some can even change what type of weapon it is to fit the fighting style of the wielder.   The weapons bind to a person by touch, but only if they are deemed worthy by the weapon itself. When bound to a wielder, the weapons will attack anyone who tries to steal it away from them, most commonly by burning or shocking the person on contact. The only way to unbind a weapon is for the wielder to release the weapon willingly, or if they are killed. The weapons are holy objects and thus cannot be touched by Demons without burning them.   Almost all of the weapons can communicate with the wielder in some manner, but some have a weaker connection to their hosts than others. Fanenta's memories and personality have been broken up between the weapons, and those that represent parts further from the 'head' have less of her memories and less personality. If two weapons are close enough to each other, the two fragments of Fanenta can communicate and access each others memories.   It is believed by some that if the weapons are all brought together, they can be used together to either reform Fanentous or create an ultimate weapon that would grant the wielder the powers of a god. Regardless of the truth, the swords were separated by the Empire to prevent any one person from gaining such a power.  

Psychic Blade

Often refereed to as the 'Goddess Blade' is a short sword made with an amethyst blade. It represents Fanenta's head, and was created by Juda, the Grand Angel of Law. Being Fantenta's head, it has the strongest connection with her mind, has the most of her memories and communicates the most with its host. It also possesses powerful mind related abilities.   The Psychic Blade is the only sword that can not only communicate with its host, but to other people in the vicinity. It is even capable of possessing its host, either partially by 'moving on its own' when the user holds it (though, it is more controlling the hosts body movements unknowingly), or in rare cases, fully, channeling the Goddess's mind into the host. The sword can give the user visions of the future of looked into it, and can detect danger and warn the host of it ahead of time, particularly demon related spiritual activity. It can also read the thoughts of foes it cuts down, even if its a small wound, though the worse the wound inflicted, the more information it can gather. Most importantly, this weapon can reveal the locations of the others.   The Psychic Blade has the most tumultuous history of any of the weapons. It is considered the one of the keys to reuniting all of the weapons, so in order to keep the others safe, the top mages of Fanentous opened a portal to Earth to keep it safe there, but it was eventually found by humans, who would remove it from its secluded sanctuary and pass it around until it made its way into the hands of Sarah Spencer who brought it back to the Fantasme in time for the The Shade War to start.   Currently, the sword is owned by Sarah's daughter, Ellie Winter.  

Life Bow

The Life Bow, or the Goddess Bow, is a long bow made from emerald, and was created by Faelona, the Grand Angel of Life.It represents Fanentas right arm. While it can communicate it tends to speak more whimsically, and gets distracted by thoughts of cycle of nature and the hunt.   The arrow can shoot light weight emerald arrows that when striking an object and siphon its life force to produce beautiful blooming plantlike from the point of entry, often engulfing the target if they let it go out of control without pulling out the arrow. The arrows can also cause poison damage or paralysis to its target. If purposely struck to the ground or an object it can grow massive vines that can attack enemies, or it can use a vine like a rope tethered to the arrow that can be climbed on.   The drawback to the bow is that it required physical arrows to use, and they are not reusable after the fact. The bow will crystallize an existing arrow, and after striking an enemy it's matter will slowly be absorbed by the plant life it creates.   The bow is currently being held in a highly guarded temple in Aurora, near the capital of Nemekadi, though in times of emergency, it can be moved to Ormin The Great Fairy Tree if the capital city is ever attacked.  

Ocean Staff

The Ocean Staff, or the Goddess Staff, is a long, gold mages staff that uses lapis lazuli as its topper, and it was created by Evysus, the Grand Angel of Magic. The staff represents Fanenta's left arm, and when it speaks, it does so in a very dry, encyclopedic speech style. But what it lacks in personality it makes up for in its intimate knowledge in magic and spells.   The staff is able to grant the wielder powerful aquakinesis, able to control bodies of water into large waves or high pressure streams that can cut through metal. It can draw from almost any source of water, including clouds, underground reserves and even the small amount found in living creatures. The staff can also bless the water with Light Magic, making a sort of holy water substance that harms demons, but can heal wounds and illnesses.   The staff was once property of the Mages Council, being moved from mages tower to mages tower, until a rouge mage stole it and caused havok with it, in which the mage was promptly euthanized. After this indecent, it was decided it would be moved the newest kingdom in the empire, Aparalium, where it was placed in an underwater temple, supposedly guarded by a massive, immortal squid that would attack tempted thieves.  

Lightning Twin-blades

The Lightning Blades, or the Goddess Daggars, are short curved daggers with cintrine blades, created by Lolyis, the Grand Angel of Logic. They represent Fanenta's legs, and since they have the weakest connection to the head, they have the poorest communication skills, only able to utter simple single word phrases. They tend to have less patience than the other weapons often demanding immediate action rather than talking, which can makes them seem more violent than the others.   Despite being two items, the daggers are considered one weapon as they are closely connected and require being together to function. If they are separated, one can call the other and have it return to it automatically. The daggers grant their user electrokinesis abilities, the two blades forming an electrical current between each other, causing a devastating electrical shock to the opponent. On cloudy days the wielder can even summon lighting strikes near by. They can also increase the speed and reflexes.   The blades are kept locked away in a tightly sealed, highly guarded treasure vault deep within the Alma Shaharee palace.  

Soul Scythe

The Soul Scythe, or the Goddess Scythe, is a large scythe with a blade made from opal, created by Palara, the Grand Angel of Soul. It represents Fanenta's heart, and has the most of her memories and personality next to her head. This weapon tends to be more empathetic to mortals and their physical and emotional struggles. It is the only version of Fantenta that remembers how to truly reunite the weapons together, but won't divulge such information so easily.   This powerful weapon can cut mortals and spiritual/non-corporeal beings alike, and can capture their soul when it does. When a soul is captured by it, it can then be manipulated and controlled by the scythe's wielder. As well, when the weapon is charged by light magic, it can grant the user temporary powered up form, offering them enhanced strength and large angelic wings that grants them the ability to fly. The scythe can change forms to turn into a more compact chain sickle weapon, but powers remain the same.   The Soul Scythe was sent to Ghliteren to be kept in the harsh mountains of the region, but it was such a frequent target for theft that the kingdom took extreme measures to hide it, hiring a druid to summon one of the last remaining Ancient Amphitheres to gobble the weapon up. The belief was that the beast was immortal and that a druid could retrieve the weapon on a later date, but eventually sightings of the dragon ceased, leading many to believe it died somewhere deep in the mountains.   Story Spoilers

Corrupted Soul Scythe

With the help of some Necromancers, the scythe is retrieved and stolen by Vahit, who uses powerful Dark Magic to corrupt the sycthe so it can be used be demons without burning them. This physically altered the scythe. Currently, its turned a dark color pallette, its gem turning to black opal and being covered in black shade blood.   The angel form the weapon once granted no longer forms correctly,
only spawning wilted black wings that can't fly, but it can still reap and control souls. The piece of Fanenta inside has been driven mad by the demonic corruption, absorbing the anger and hatred inside Vahit. The scythe can now drive souls mad with that same hatred.

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When the War of the Gods began, it was Fanenta's duty to protect her people and defend them against Suhkor and his demonic army. To help with this, some of the most powerful High Angels, and Fanenta's closest advisors, created powerful weapons for her to use in battle, channeling the abilities of the angels into them.   The weapons granted Fanenta an advantage over Suhkor, and she fought for many years with them, but the two Gods were still evenly matched when it came to raw power. When it came down to their final battle at the Heavenly Pathway, the violent showdown severely weakened the both of them. It was only with the power of the weapons that Fanenta could just barely defeat Suhkor, killing him in a destructive blast that destroyed much of the Kingdom of Suhkorium. This final attack used up the last of her strength, and Fanenta was on the verge of fading away herself. With out a human vessel to take refuge in, the Goddess stored her soul way in her very weapons, where she could rest for the next few thousand years.   When the weapons were finally discovered in the ruins of Suhkorium, they were brought back to the now expanded Empire of Fanentous where the ruling Empress at the time, Empress Aera opted to leave them to her most trusted of Knights, forming a prestigious group known as the Goddess Knights.   However, after many generations of this title being passed down, not so-noble characters began to inherit the position, and after a rather unsavory scandal were the knights conspired to fuse the weapons, believing they would grant them the power of the Goddess herself, the new Empress, Empress Hela, had the knights disbanded, and executed to traitors unwilling to give up the weapons on their own. After that, the Empress ordered the weapons be separated and locked away in the different kingdoms across the Empire.   The final one, the Psychic Blade, was deemed to be too risky to be found by anyone, as they could use it to find the others. In a clever trick by the Mages Council, they had created a temporary portal to Earth to hide away the blade forever, but it would not stay that way.   Years would pass, and soon another portal to Earth would be created by the Mages Council, but result in a catastrophy that destroyed the city of Falle Anor, however, one mage, Vahit, made it through alive and immediately began his quest to find the legendary Goddess Blade himself. He enlisted the help of some pirates in his area to sail him to the island he believed it to be, but when they found its temple, the sword was stolen by the pirate leader, Catria Geisslerra, where she promptly murdered Vahit and made her escape.   Unsettled by the ghostly whispers and visions the blade produced, Catria would eventually sell the sword for a pretty penny and the item would make its way to several homes over the years, being bought and promptly resold as people believed that it was cursed or haunted. Centuries later it would make it to a avid antique collector who would later die in his home in New Bridge.   The abandoned house would then be looted by a young woman named Sarah Spencer who upon activating it, was taken to a natural Fantasme portal close to her house, where she discovered the The Fantasme for the first time.   Sarah was immediately recognized and respected for possessing the Goddess Blade, and was set to start training with it. Near the end of her training, the Fanentous Capital would be attacked by an angry, undead Vahit and his army of Shades, spaking the The Shade War that would prompt the new Empress, Empress Lyndis N'illum, to create a new Goddess Knights to fight him, with Sarah at the lead.

Cultural Significance

Being that the weapons contain the soul of their Goddess, the people of Fanentous and other worshipers of Fanenta hold the items to extreme value and respect. Being a chosen wielder of the weapons is considered the highest honor in the kingdom, and wielders tend to be treated like nobility. Because of the status and power being a chosen wielder grants, they weapons are a major target for thieves and corrupt politicians. To avoid this, the highest security is placed on them.   The swords are often locked away and heavily guarded by only high ranking, trust worthy guards. No less than two guards can be on duty at a time, and no one is allowed to be left at their post alone. The room the weapon is stored in must remain locked at all times using a special lock that requires two people to open. One key is in the possession of the King or Queen of the kingdom, and the other with the arch mage of the regions mages council. The room is only to be opened in emergencies, and no one is to touch them with their bare hands, and the weapon must only be touched when it is safely wrapped in cloth. If someone was to take the weapon unauthorized, the punishment is immediate execution.

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