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High Angel

Remnants of the Gods

High Angels are ethereal being created by Fanenta and Suhkor to watch over mortals and guide them towards the path of good and righteousness. They are among the most powerful beings in the The Fantasme, with magic that far outmatches that of any mortal.

Basic Information


Angels appear as massive humanoid figures with plain bodies and shining white skin. They lack any notable human features, like a face, nipples, navel or genitalia. Instead their bodies are covered in eyes. The eyes can vary in size and position and can appear anywhere on it's body. They eyes can be different colors but are usually consistent with the angel. The number of eyes is based on the order they were born, with older angels having less eyes, and younger ones having more. Some are the same, but with mouths instead of eyes, but they are few and far between.   They have four sets of wings, the largest pair being on their backs, near the shoulder blades. The second largest set rests on the lower back, near their hips. They also possess smaller wings on their head and on their ankles as well. The wings are white and feathery like that of a birds wings.   Angels are usually equipped with a golden halo that floats a foot or so above their heads. The halo is not physical and objects can pass through it. They glow intensely bright, as their bodies are made of light magic, and stand at nearly 30 feet tall.  

Perception & Sensorry/Extrasensory Capabilities

Despite having faces, they can still hear, smell and speak without issue, though when they speak it is usually echoed and as they they are in one's head. Their eyes are capable of seeing through the eyes of people on the surface, particularly those whose souls are full of light, and are able to spy on the surface world through them. They can see multiple visions at once and will usually spend their time meditating and watching the world through all of their eyes.   Angels possess extremely powerful magical abilities on a near godly level. They radiate light and can burn away demons and dark magic at a touch.

Genetics and Reproduction

They lack the ability to reproduce and do not age or die. They are born from Fanenta or Suhkor's magic, and take on traits from them, such as Fanenta's eye. With out them new angels can't be made.

Ecology and Habitats

High Angels can only survive in the Overworld, a place full of light and magic where worthy souls go when they die. And angel cannot survive on a physical plane like Earth or the The Fantasme because their bodies are so unstable there.   To combat this, Angels grow human bodies as empty vessels to use as a protective shell for staying on Earth. These shells do not age, but they still need to be taken care of, which includes eating, sleeping, and avoiding mortal injuries or illnesses.  

Fallen Angels

  Fallen Angels are what happens when an angel breaks the rules and are banished from Overworld for their actions. Their halo is taken away and their body changes as a result. They lose their glow and their skin becomes a dark red color. Their wings lose their feathers, and what scraps they have left turn black. The wings on their head and hips turn into demon like horns, and their eyes take on a more demonic appearance as well, and if they have mouths, their teeth will turn to fangs.   Fallen Angels are weaker and more open to attack from other creatures. They will often fall to Underworld where they become a target for demons stealing their eyes or teeth for extra power. Many turn to Dark Magic to ward off attacks from other demons, and as a result will often warp and transform into horrendous, eldritch monsters that stalk the underworld.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Holy Advisers of The Overworld are a group of the first five High Angels that Fanenta created. Their duty is to run Overworld and perform godly duties in Fanenta's place if anything were to happen to her. Unfortunately, something did happen, and in her absense, the Advisors has taken the roles as the new leaders of Overworld, ensuring everything is kept to the standard Fanenta had in the past.

Gender Ideals

Angels do not have gender, as they lack any DNA or genitalia that would otherwise identify their sex, thus the concept of gender is foreign to them. Their bodies tend to look androgynous, and they will always adress themselves with "They/Them" pronouns.  

Beauty Ideals & Dress Code

An angel does not dwell on physical appearance for their idea of beauty. A person's face or body type is irrelevant to them. Instead they look for the purity of the soul. A mortal with a pure heart full of light and righteousness is considered the ideal of beauty.   As for clothing, angels do no wear any, as it obstructs their eyes. Occasionally however, they will wear sheer robes when presenting themselves to mortals.

Common Etiquette Rules

Angels have a very strict code of conduct that must be followed. The job of an angel is to set an example for the best a person can aspire to be. They are to avoid common sins like envy, greed or wrath, and if they find themselves slipping they are to repent and cleanse their souls.   They must also watch over humanity, and are allowed to guide souls in the right direction, but they are under no circumstances allowed to directly influence them or the world around them. This includes using magic to manipulate people or their surroundings, or giving away omnipotent knowledge. And the are especially not allowed to form romantic relationships with them or have any form of intercourse with a mortal in their human form.   Angels caught breaking these rules will become Fallen Angels and banish from Overworld.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Angels are supposed to act as guides and guardians for mortals, but can often have issue relating with them on a personal level, as their experience of reality is so vastly different, and they express their emotions in entirely different ways. This can often make them come off as cold and apathetic to humans, when that is not quite the case. Angels can be just as emotional and have their own bonds with other angels, but see humans more like pets to be taken care of than equals.   Demons on the other hand, Angels are absolutely disgusted with, as they are the physical manifestation of sin and everything they oppose. Centuries ago they went to war, and relations have been tense ever since.

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Genetic Descendants
Average Height
20 - 30 feet tall.


  When Alpha & Omega disappeared, their children Fanenta and Suhkor were left lonely in the Overworld, and eventually decided to create beings in their image to live in the Overworld with them. Those born from Fanenta would be born with eyes, and those born from Suhkor would be born with mouths. Each gave their followers instructions on how they believed angels should behave. However Fanenta and Suhkor had very different ideas of what was too inappropriate for angels.   Suhkor and his angels would often come down to the Fantasme in human form and teach the people of the history of the world and how to use magic, which Fanenta thought was quite necklace, but not enough to throw a fuss over. However, Suhkor would then develop a romantic relationship with an elven woman and have a child with her, one that would end up inheriting tremendous power from her godly father.   For Fanenta, this was the final straw, she berated her brother for his carelessness, and took away his halo and banished him from their home, along with all of his Angel subjects. Suhkor would create the Underworld to house himself and his people, and soon make arrangements to fight back against his sister. Soon a war would break out between Angel and Fallen Angels, which would last over a century. Weakened by severed ties from Overworld, Fallen Angels would turn to dark magic to get an upper hand in the war, but this cost them their pure forms, as they would turn into horrible abominations.   Five of Fanenta's trusted angels forged unbreakable weapons made of gemstones embued with magical powers for Fanenta to fight with. She would use these weapons in to inevitably defeat her brother and end the war. However the amount of power she used to defeat him made her weak and on the verge of death herself. In an attempt to save herself, she split her soul into five pieces and possessed each of her weapons. These items would become the The Goddess Weapons.   Mourning the loss of their Goddess, the five trusted angels, Juda, Faelona, Lolyis, Evysus, and Palara would form the The Grand Angels, and rule in place of Fanenta. They enforced strict rules on the remaining angels to ensure that an even like the The War of the Gods would never happen again.   Things have remained the same in the millennia that has passed since then, and without Fanenta or Suhkor, no new angels have been able to be made.

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