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It's hella nasty here.

Underworld is the Fantasme's equivalent to Hell. The Underworld is where souls unworthy to enter Overworld are sent to after death. The Underworld is a grim, dark place full of demons, monsters and the souls of some of the most evil, cruel, and awful people to ever exist.   The current ruler of the Underworld is Satan Ehona  


Unlike the physical worlds like Earth and The Fantasme, Underworld is a spiritual world like Overworld. It acts as a place for souls to stay in the afterlife. In a spiritual world, souls are physical and have tangible bodies that can interact with the world around them. However, they are no longer tangible in physical worlds, meaning they have to possess or haunt physical objects to have a tether to that world.   The underworld is not bound by the same rules and physics that the physical realms are, and can be altered and manipulated by the more powerful entities living there.


The geography of the underworld can change dramatically from location to location. Hell is split into several regions known as the Nine Planes of the Underworld.  

The Demented City

  The Demented city is a massive city in hell, full of twisted skyscrapers and castles. It's home to both Devils and Succubi. It's also the location of Queen Ehona's castle. It's is by far the most modernized area of the underworld.

Forest of the Undead

The forest of the undead is the home for Master Vampires, who like to creep around the wooded area. The forest is almost always set in perpetual night time setting.

Bleak Wilderness

  The Bleak Wilderness refers to the generally underpopulated expanse of the underworld, where demonic monster roam around freely hunting for prey. The place looks like the aftermath of a great forest fire, charred and dead, with contaminated rivers of poison.

Flesh Caverns

  The Flesh Caverns are the home of Blood Demon. They are disturbing tunnels of meat and blood that go one for miles. It's dark inside but the sound of a heartbeat can be heard consistently inside.

The Nest

  The Nest, is a huge system of massive spiderwebs that Nightmares make their home. While the webs are strong enough to walk on, it's easy to get ensnared in one of the many web traps in the area, and become a Nightmare's next meal.

Frigid Wastland

A bitter cold mountainous region where the Capra make their home. You can also find the Temple of Ice here, which is a fault full of valuables.


  Brimstone, based on its name, resembles the typical depiction of hell, being a place of fire and brimstone. The soil is a deep red and lava rivers flow all throughout the area. They are the home of

The Underside

  The Underside is an underground cave system in the deepest part of Underworld. It's where sinners go to be punished, and the tunnels twist around so much that souls get lost in it's labyrinth.

The Shadow Realm

  The home of the Shades , it was once a piece of Bleak Wilderness before it was captured by Vahit to used as the base for his army. As a result, the whole area was contaminated and transformed by black blood into the inky expanse it is today.

Fauna & Flora

Unlike the Overworld, the Underworld does have unique forms of flora and fauna. Some plants have been changed or corrupted by dark magic in order to survive in in the hellish environment. A side effect is this is that most plants are unable to produce chlorophyll, making most of the plants naturally brown or grayish in color.   Like wise, there are several creatures that were either corrupted by dark magic, or spawned from the underworld itself, and manage to thrive in the undead wasteland.

Natural Resources

Underworld has several rare gems and metals made from dark energy and are only available from there. Most of these crystals are very powerful, and it's recommended that untrained magic users not use them, as they are extremely volatile and uncontrollable. In the wrong hands many of these stones can cause devastating and destructive effects, and can even corrupt or possess the user.   There's also a plethora of Underworld exclusive plants and herbs with a variety of magical and alchemic uses.


  The Underworld was created by the God Suhkor after he was kicked out of Overworld by his sister Fanenta. In spite of her, he attempted to create a mirror dimension to the overworld, but the world hie created was a poor recreation. None-the-less he and his daughter Ehona made their home there.   After banishing Suhkor, Overworld locked itself away from recently diseased souls that they felt were unwothy. Suhkor quickly noticed that this would lead to unreasonably high number of souls wandering the surface, so he decided to start taking in any soul that was unable to get into Overworld. This unfortunately meant that many of the souls were terrible people, and as a result turned into monsters and demons. This did not bother Suhkor much, as he know as a God, he'd still have the power to control them.   With all the creatures absolutely overflowing with dark magic at his disposal, Suhkor had a plan to try and take back Overworld by force, by amassing a mighty army of demons. in 200 BC the Underworld made their first attack, starting off the Hundreds Year War. However, in the end, Suhkor lost, and his life was ended.   After Suhkors passing, life in the underworld was chaos. Eventually the first demonic leader of Underworld would brute force his way to the top. Inspired by a New Earth religion, he called himself Satan, and would be the Ruler of the Underworld... until he was murdered, in which case that demon then took over, calling himself Satan as well. This started a trend of kings being killed and replaced until a sort of political system was born.   'Satan' became the title for the position, and all that was required of being Satan, was to be stronger than the previous one, and kill him. A few Hundred years later, a new challenger would appear. The Demigod, Ehona, now an adult, was intent on taking the throne in honer of her father. After centuries of training she was able to easily defeat the Satan at the time and take over.   Centuries went by and Ehona was able to hold her place as Satan, being able to easily defeat any demon that would come for her life. However she was far less ruthless that her predecessors. Instead of killing ever opponent, if one impressed her enough, she would grant him a realm with in Underworld for them to rule as a Lord. Thus creating the wide array of realms with in Underworld.  

Technology and Society

  Since mortals from both New Earth and The Fantasme can enter hell after death, the underworld has developed a culture that is a combination of the two, with some of the major cities of hell having modern technology and ideologies, but also has fantasy elements and castles.

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