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The Forbidden Demigod

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Ehona is a humanoid demon. She is classified typically as a Devil though in reality she is a demi-god with devil-like features, with features from her elven mother. She dark skinned with an ashy pallor, with blood red hair and eyes. She keeps her hair in a chaotic mess of buns and braids.   She has a voluptuous feminine figure, large dragon-like wings, a pointed tail, and an impressive set of horns growing out of her head. She also has demon-like fangs and claws.


Ehona likes to show off her body and she dresses in promiscuous ways often. She favors Gothic style dresses decorated with rubies, and on the occasion, spikes. She enjoys wearing absurdly steep platform heels, and flashy gold accessories. She wears heavy makeup, often making her eyelashes huge and putting on dark lipstick, and paints her claws black as well.   She has multiple piercings on her ears and on her tail.

Special abilities

Ehona has a great amount of power inherited from Suhkor that she has spent millennia training. Even as a child, her powers could set fire to homes and level villages. Her powers even allowed her to 'give birth' to her child with out having another partner.   Her powers aren't nearly god-like, but they are strong enough to allow her to maintain power in a dimension full of insanely powerful demons.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ehona is the daughter of Suhkor and an unnamed elven woman. She was born a demigod, but had little to no powers as a infant. However it is said she radiated with the glowing energy of a god. Her mother took care of her by herself until she was 5, at which point some of her god like powers were beginning to take effect. It was to the point where simple child temper tantrums where extremely destructive, and so she had to be taken in by her father, who had since been banished to a world of his creation called Underworld.   From that point on Ehona was raised by Suhkor in order for her to learn how to control and manage her powers. At around age 25 she stopped physically aging and more or less was on her own, still living in underworld, but not in her fathers palace.   When the The Hundreds Year War started, her father insisted she not join the fight, and instead stay in Underworld to be his heir if he were to die. Of course, Ehona refused to stand by idly when she was more than capable of fighting. Suhkor then put her into a deep sleep spell and made sure she would only wake up after the war was over, to ensure she stays alive to take his place.   After Suhkors death, Ehona finally woke up. Since her sleep was so sudden, she was at first confused to just how long she'd been out. She wanted to berate her father for pulling such a trick, only to realize he wasn't gone. Ehona would soon receive the news that her father had indeed perished in the war, but also that her place in line for his throne was high jacked by a powerful demon. Ehona intended on reclaiming her spot, but was cautious, and laid low for several hundred years, training and waiting for the right time.   In that time the role of 'Satan' of the Underworld would change from demon to demon, with the title being a brutal cage match and the victor taking the crown, making each Satan stronger than the last. Finally the time was right, and after centuries of training, Ehona would step up and challenge the current Satan for the crown and win. Many would attempt to challenge her in her time in power, but they would all fail.   Ehona realized that she herself would need an heir in case anything happened to her, so in 1350, she would give birth to her child Malephar Malephar was a troubled and powerful demon with anger issues who would often start fights with and abuse other demons, much to Ehona's disappointment. As he got older, Ehona realized just how sadistic and sociopath her child was becoming, which began to worry her. Unlike herself, Malephar was raised from birth in a hellscape of the worst humanity had to offer and she was concerned that their evil was rubbing off on them.   When Malephar had become and adult, Ehona would discover their secret plans to overthrow her to take the thrown. She was deeply offended and disgusted with Malephar's blatant lack of caring and disrespect for her. She also realized he had become far too powerful and feared the chance they could be successful in killing her. As a result, she would split Malephar in half.   Malephar would be split into two new beings, Malice , the left brain, and Malevolence , the right brain. The two would be fair weaker smaller versions of their former selves, and while at first were pretty undeveloped and one dimensional on their own, would eventually develop distinct personalities after prologue separation. The two thought about trying to fuse back together, but their personalities would grow incompatible and the two would find themselves bickering too much to ever work together again.   Ehona could breath easy knowing that she was able to stop her children's plan from going through, and would continue to keep a watchful eye on their activities.


Pansexual, Polyamorous

Accomplishments & Achievements

Her greatest achievement was successfully fighting her way to the top and becoming the ruler of the underworld. She created laws that fundamentally changed the way the underworld hierarchy worked so that it was more controlled and less chaotic.

Failures & Embarrassments

She is still angry at how easily her father was able to put her to sleep, and how she was unable to save him from the war.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Ehona likes fancy clothes and expensive jewelry. She enjoys the decadent life of being the literal queen of hell, and her castle is often filled with extravagant furniture and decor. She enjoys the attention she gets from other demons, and will often engage in sexual manner with them.   She dislikes those who critisize her life style for one stupid reason or another, mostly from those demanding she behave 'more like a ruler.' She also gets annoyed by the frequent attempts of weaker demons trying to dethrone her.

Virtues & Personality perks

Ehona strong and respectable woman, and her name strikes fear in weaker demons. She can be both stern and dominating, but also fun and free spirited. She doesn't let her title stop her from having a good time, especially with lovers, as she can still take her job seriously when the time calls for it.

Vices & Personality flaws

Ehona is quick to anger and deals harsher punishments for petty crimes than is warranted. She can be impatient and will often short with her followers. Even though she usually is serious during important events, that doesn't stop her from slacking off for minor inconveniences she'd rather not deal with.



She often acts in a flirtatious manner to people, and speaks in a sultry tone. If she finds someone attractive she is prone to making innuendos on random occasion.   She never sits in her throne correctly, typically throwing her legs over the arms of the thrown and leaning to the side of it.

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