Demons are a class of undead or spiritual creatures that live in the Underworld dimension. Demons come in a large variety of types and sub-species, with different abilities, appearances, culture, and means of survival.  


  Demons come in many varieties. The more common varieties are loosely based on the seven deadly sins of Christian belief, however this rule doesn't apply to all demons, as there are several unique demons and species that also roam the Underworld.  




Devils are the demons of Pride and are the highest on the food chain in the demonic hierarchy. The consider themselves 'perfect' demons, as the fit the classic depiction of demons in folklore. Devils tend to be sociopaths that work their way up the ranks through malicious and selfish means. They must possess humans to exist on the mortal plane.


Succubi and Incubi are the demons of Lust. They carry a reletively high position in the demon hierarchy thanks to their beauty and charm. They absorb the life energy of mortals through sexual intercourse in order to form their own flesh forms, making them on of the few species able to walk around in the mortal realm.


Vampires are the demons of Gluttony and a unique type of demon that can not only exist on the mortal plane, but turn other mortals into vampires. They survive by consuming the flesh and blood of morals, but also by spreading their curse, as vampires are physically weaker than other demons.


Fyrs are demons of Wrath and shapeless creatures made of fire. They can take any shape they please, but they are always constantly on fire. They are rather aggressive and spiteful creatures that tend to hate other creatures around them. While they cannot possess a human (with out burning them alive) they can communicate with them by taking the form of fire in the mortal realm.


Nightmares are demons of Sloth and have the power to traverse the Mindscape and effect people's dreams. They are able to put mortals to sleep and then consume their energy through their dreams, often while also forcing them to experience a personalized nightmare realm.

Blood Demons

Blood demons are demons of Envy. They are mindless, hive mind, body snatchers that consume the memories and souls of mortals. As their name suggests, they are made of blood and capable of shapeshifting and fusing into larger monsters.


Capra are the demons of Greed and are half animal creatures, usually taking the form of hooven creatures like saytrs and pig men. They are known for stealing, and guarding valuable items. They often protect a large amount of treasure, and attack those who go near it. They also tend to work as sleazy merchants in Underworld.

Other Types


Shades are a newer species of demon who are related to Blood Demons. They are amalgamations of blood demons and a human soul, bonded with dark magic. Because of their recent entry onto the demonic scene, they are considered abominations and are despised by other demons.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Typically demons have a very exaggerated beauty expectations, based on mortal beauty standards. This beauty gives them power and admiration in Underworld society. The less human demons tend to be lower on the totem pole.


Demons were originally just souls who sought refuge in Suhkor's new realm of the Underworld, after being denied access to Overworld by the gods. However the imperfect nature of the Underworld allowed the dark magic that pooled in it to corrupt the already sinful souls, and transform them into monsters.   Eventually these monsters began to form groups and societies among themselves, while still treating Suhkor as their king. However when Suhkor perished in The Hundreds Year War, the political landscape of the Underworld became hectic as many demons competed for the now empty thrown. The title Satan would be given to any demon able to fight their way into power.   Eventually Ehona, the daughter of Suhkor, would be able take her rightful place as ruler of the Underworld, which would begin to bring balance to the demons.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Most demons have a unique dynamic with mortals. Most are physically unable to exist on the mortal plane as they do not have a flesh body. As a result they often either need to possess humans, or take energy from them in order to form and maintain their own body.   Most demons see mortals as cattle, or simple vessels to experience the mortal realms through. They consider mortals weak for their lack of powers, and simple minded for their lack of understanding of the spiritual realms.

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