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Humans are very much the same in The Fantasme as the are in the real world. However there is a significantly lower population of them in the Fantasme, compared to Elves. Humans are less likely to be gifted with inherent magical abilities, however it's not impossible.   In the Fantasme, they tend to be on the lower rung of society. Many of them are poor or live in secluded farming villages. This is due to a history of racism towards them from the Elves.   New Earth is a dimension almost exclusive to humans. With no means of using magic, humans have learned to use science and technology to advance their civilization.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Humans and Elves can reproduce together, however the child will typically have dominant traits of only one of the parents. These traits will ultimately decide if they are considered an elf or not by the whole of Fantasmian society.   A child born with the common human trait of round ears and natural tone hair will usually be considered a human, regardless of their heritage. Though in some cases the genetics are mixed enough that they can be considered a Half-Elf.   Humans children can also be born with powerful magical traits, classifying them as Mana Humans.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Humans in the Fantasme tend to have similar naming patterns as modern humans on New Earth. However the most modern of these names range to a maximum of names from the mid - late 1700's

Major Organizations

While humans living in the Empire of Fanentous are often not given the same legal rights as Fae, there have been some human centric governments before, such as Suhkorium and Kyl' Sune.   Humans in the Empire have formed villages govern by humans, but they are usually forced to abide by the same laws and regulations as the elves, lest risk losing resources and protection from the Empire.

Average Technological Level

Humans in the Fantasme have been left in a world stuck in late renascence era culture and technology, though they are known for being more innovative and creative to make up for their lack of magic. This innovation is no better seen than with the humans on Earth, who have advanced into modern society, with electricity, computers, the internet, cars, modern medicine, etc.


Humans existed and evolved along-side Fae back in the Fused Earth era. While Fae roamed the floating isles, humans made their homes on the surface of the planet. Their inability to fly meant that accessing and traversing the isles difficult.   When the gods split the planet into New Earth and the Fantasme , Alpha favored humans for their practicality and non-reliance on magic, and made New Earth exclusive to them. The New Earth humans would proceed to populate the world and build it as you know it today.   Meanwhile on the Fantasme, as society became even more reliant on magic, humans began to struggle to find economic stability and place in the world. This eventually led to a very tense and oppressive relationship between Humans and Elves.   The humans founded their own country known as Suhkorium , but after the The Hundred Year War relationships between them and the empire went south. After Suhkoriums collapse, many refugee humans fled to the Empire to quickly find they were unwelcome, seen as inferior due to their lack of magic, and devil worshipers for their support for Suhkor.   While many humans left the Empire to find a better home, those who stayed were left in a society that oppressed and mistreated them. Those who tried to establish peace were declared terrorists and arrested. Rebellions cropped up here and there, but most were snuffed out it was only after Vahit that relations started to turn for the better.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Humans and Elves have always had issues with each other. At first it was just a matter of Elves valuing themselves higher than humans do to their natural magical talent, but things escalated not long after the religious split regarding the gods Fanenta and Suhkor. Many elves sided with Fanenta while most humans felt differently. However when Suhkor lost the The Hundreds Year War , worship of Fanenta became dominant.   The worship of Suhkor was frown upon by The Empire, and many humans were pegged as demon worshipers as a result.   Humans were pushed to the lower rungs of society and dealt with plenty of abuse and racism by the elves. This racism is what spawned warlords like Vahit . However over time, either by political movements or basic decency, this racism has started to die down significantly.

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