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The War of the Gods

The war to end all wars.

The Hundreds Year War was a divine war between the Gods Suhkor and Fanenta. The war also involved the two religious Dualist cities the Empire of Fanentous and the Kingdom of Suhkorium.

The Conflict


The events leading up to the war surrounded the twin god Fanenta and Suhkor. The two had a disagreement over the mortal implications of Suhkor descending to the surface to teach mortals about the creation of the world. When Suhkor's daughter, Ehona, was born, Suhkor and many other souls were promptly kicked out of Overworld forever.   Suhkor then created Underworld where he would start to build and army of demons to attack Overworld and take it back by force.


The Fantasme   The Great Bridge

The Engagement

200 AD The first attack was launched on Overworld. Suhkor opened a portal, which he and an army of 10,000 demons swarmed the gates of Overworld. Overworld was caught off guard but were able to defend and ward off Suhkor with the help of Fanenta, despite many high angel and mortal souls alike being lost.   The battle was so intense that it was heard and even felt on the suface. Fantasmians claimed it was "As if there was an earthquake in the sky. The rumbling and moaning was ungodly loud." Some even claimed "It sounded like the screaching and groaning of a million tortured souls." The panic that resulted from this was so great, it forced the high angles and even Suhkor to descend and explain what had happened.   This information cause a religious split of people on different side. This lead to the founding of Suhkorium and Fanentous. The two cities also went to war on each other not long after. The war lasted for centuries, with times of heavy battle on and off between times of stalemates and even relative peace. Due to the immortal nature of the main waring parties, the fighting lasted even beyond when the first generation of mortals had died out.   After 200 years of fighting, and no progress being made for either side, it was finally decided that the war need to come to an end once and for all. Fanenta and Suhkor both agreed that the two would battle each other, alone on the Great Bridge. The fight between them lasted 2 days, and was incredibly violent.   In the end Fanenta managed to get the final blow, only because both Gods were significantly weakened by that point. When Suhkor died, his body rumbled into thosands of small stones. It also released a blast of mana energy that was enough to take out the flouting crystals that held aloft Suhkorium and most of the Lunar Archipelago, which caused it to sink into the abyss.   Fanenta did not emerge unscathed either, as she'd become so weakened that she had to retreat into a physical object or risk falling the same fate as her brother. She ended up transferring her soul into the swords that she used to fight.


The short term effects was the inicial shock and chaos immediately following Suhkoriums sinking. While many people were able to escape in time, far more lost their lives. Despite them being enemies, the substantial loss of life shook the world.   Meanwhile, Fanentous now had a significant number of refugees they had to do something with. Not everyone could be housed, so many refugees ended up homeless. Some groups of homeless Suhkorans would end up settling small villages of their own.   The loss of Suhkorium also meant the loss of resources and a major trade route, meaning the Empire had to put more effort into getting the resources they needed from other sources.


Suhkors death destroyed Suhkorium and permanently decimated most of the Lunar Archipelago, including all of the creatures and plants that lived there. Many species went extinct as a result.   On the other hand, the lack of major competition allowed for Fanentous' Empire to grow exponentially. However this also caused relations between Fanentans and Suhkorium refugees to develop a negative relationship.

Historical Significance

The Thousand Year War has become one of the most significant events in the Fantasme's history. The cultural, environmental, religious and magical impact is immeasurable.

In Literature

Many scrolls and books detailing the events of the war exist, but many of them are biased, missing information, or outright incorrect. Piecing together the events of the war outside of the main conflict is near impossible.

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