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World Update


New World Update - Reintroducing Smallscale!

So if anyone here has been following my progress on my friend's Amevello Blue's world Kollark, you would know that for a while I had been using her world for the setting of a story about a race of bug people. Well as I've been developing this setting, we came to the agreement that I should make it it's own setting apart from Kollark. This came from my idea to make the story into a webcomic, to dip my toes into the genre.   Some context, Smallscale was originally a stand alone project, but when I lost motivation on it, Ame and I decided to add it to the roster of 'provinces' in here story about short stories, essentially. But since then I've wanted to expand the lore and worldbuilding beyond the limitations of a single region blocked off by impenetrable borders. So.... It's now back to it's own thing!   The world is called Smallscale and I've already added a lot to it thanks to Summercamp happening, and I'd love for you to give it a look!  

Other Important Updates

  Commissions are still open, I've recently put together this lovely new commission sheet on Carrd;
  I've also currently started making and commissioning out custom VRoid models, which are greate for anyone who wants to get into Vtubing or simply wants a 3D model of an OC.
  Contact me through twitter or any of the sources on the carrd link if you are interested in anything!  
— Ibby

Global Announcment

NEW!! [7/23/21] Open Announcement
World Update
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BIg News! New Worlds & New Commissions!

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