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Fantasme Imagination

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You stumble across an abandoned house, and being the adventuring type, you walk inside, just to find a strange door inside. One opened, you see it. The Fantasme.   The world you know of is one of science. Of stability. It's normal. But there's a world that is far more than that just beyond the thin dimensional barrier. A world of floating islands, elves and other-worldly creatures. You take a deep breath of air unlike any that has filled your lungs before. Air that is absolutely thick with magical energy. The soft green grass flowing in the wind welcomes you.   But is the grass truely greener on the other side? You will soon come to find despite it's bright aesthetics, the world is full of many dangers, and demons who which to the world sink into the abyss.  


A group of friends are drawn to a mysterious abandoned house at the edge of town and upon exploring it, discover a mysterious door that leads to another world, the world of magic, The Fantasme. The deeper they delve into this mysterious new dimension, the further they involve themselves in a dangerous on going conflict with demons.   This group will soon find that their fates are tied closer with this new world more than they could have imagined, and that perhaps there was a reason they were drawn to this place.  

Author Interuption

Haha, sorry if my way of writing and telling the story is a bit bland or bad. This is for a webcomic, not a novel, for good reason.   All art used is mine unless started otherwise. BG Credit: Porter Robinson Worlds Tour Visuals