Spell Quills

Spell Quills are special writing tools that are used in the magic community, especially with spell writers.  


Spell quills are enchanted pens that are used for writing down spell scrolls. They used to be made out of dragon feathers, but now-a-days they are more commonly a modern fountain pen. The pens use a special magical ink, which is created with a similar process to potion crafting , but usually at a much stronger concentration and given pigment through various dyes and inks.   A magic user will typically use these pens to write spell instructions, spell circles, and other runes and symbols onto a piece of paper. The enchanted ink will bind to the paper, and when another spell caster uses their magic on it, the ink will activated and cast whatever spell was written on the paper.   These papers are usually known as spell scrolls, and they are a valuable tool for low skilled magic users or training mages, as it allows them to temporarily cast. However, the ink is very volatile, and the energy produced by activating it will cause the paper to disintegrate after the spell is cast, making the scrolls a one time use. Writing multiple scrolls for different spells costs a lot of time and ink, so they are valuable items that are usually pricey.  

Scroll Writers

  Anyone can write scrolls as long as they know what their doing. Obviously, the most important tool of the trade is the spell quill. Modern fountain pen styled ones are usually designed with a notch in the grip to insert pieces of Magic Crystals into it to increase is spell power, which can be pretty expensive on it's own. Secondly you need the ink, which you will want to learn how to make on you own, as the price of buying multiple vials of the stuff can add up quickly.   To write down a spell, you first have to know the spell, at least well enough to right down the very specific instructions without any mistakes. Any spelling or grammar errors are enough to cause the spell to fail or backfire. Simple spells are easiest to produce, as they usually have shorter instructions or simpler designs, while more complicated spells can require a lot of space to write down. Some difficult spells are entirely too impractical to be turned into a scroll, so you're more likely to find scrolls for simple spells.

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