Magic Crystals

"To identify a crystal, you must ask yourself a few questions. How does it look? How does it feel? How does it taste? If it sets your mouth on fire, then perhaps you should stop licking rocks." Guide to Enchanted Crystals
  Magic Crystals or 'Enchanted' crystals are minerals which absorb mana and become charged with specific magical properties. These stones are often mined and used in magic related objects or spells. They are often attached to accessories or mage staffs to act as a means of channeling magical energy into having more potent effects.  

Crystal Types



  Orbitite is the most common but also most important gem in the Fantasme. It is a lime green, glowing crystal with gravity defying properties.When bound to an object, these crystals will float in the air and cause objects to orbit around it. Every island is riddled with tiny versions of these crystals, but at the center of every island is one or more giant gems that holds the entire island a-float.   If anything were to happen to one of these large crystals, such as the mana being drained from them, the island will sink. Thankfully the mana inside of them doesn't run out, so the only way to zap them out is having it pushed out from a significant mana blast. Blasts of this nature normally aren't possible, and the only known case of this happening is during the death of Suhkor. They can recharge but the larger ones can take hundreds of years to completely recharge.   While the large crystals are off limits, it's legal to mine the smaller stones, as their removal won't effect the status of the island.


  Voidstone is a black, sparkling gemstone. It get's it's name as it's sparkles and speckles of white minerals give it the appearance of being made of out space. Occasionally Voidstone can have other minerals mixed in that give it a colored cloudy effect like a nebula, thought these are considered imperfect voidstone and are more often decorative.   Voidstone, while beautiful, emits high levels of dark energy, which makes them useful for dark magic, but dangerous to have prolonged exposure to. While voidstone grows on the surface, they are extremely common in Underworld, as the dark energy in that dimension encourages the growth of these crystals.   Shadow Demon hearts are made of this stone.


  Luminite is a pastel gold colored stone that produces light magic. They are often used for healing and other light magic based uses. In some cases, they can be plugged into certain weapons that can send a blast of light magic at a target. However this will quicly drain the crystal and it will need to recharge. This usually takes 2 days, as the crystal takes 24 total hours of sun exposure to recharge. This can be manipulated with other light source though.


  A stone that channels elemental magic like fire, ice or electricity. Though always the same mineral make-up, the color and properties of the stone can change based on the type of magic it's most recently channeled. For example, fire magic turns it a deep red and makes it hot to the touch, ice magic makes it a pastel cyan and give it the texture of ice, electric magic turns it bright yellow and will shock people at the touch, and so on.

Other stones

  Other known earth crystals such are Amethyst, Sapphire, opals, and such can be enchanted with magical properties as well, however these are not consistent like other gem stones, and sometimes my not even have any magical properties at all.


Geology & Geography

They can be found all over the Fantasme beneath the ground, but the mountains of Ghliteren are famous for being absolutely FULL of crystals, being nicknamed the 'Glittering mountains.'

Origin & Source

Crystals have a strong bond with mana, and will absorb it easily and naturally. They have been around for as long as the floating islands have existed

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Gemstones are very important for magic culture in the Fantasme. They are used in everything from fashion, architecture, decor, lighting, tools, spells, rituals, woship... they are a very valuable but also very common place resource.   Some people have a special form of elemental magic that allows them to speed the growth of crystals, or enchant non-magical ones.


Larger crystals absorb more mana and thus are far stonger than their smaller counterparts. This can be dangerous as crystal magic can effect the environment around them in catastrophic ways.

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