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The God of Darkness

Suhkor was a god born from Alpha and Omega, and the twin brother of Fanenta. He was created to be a physical extension of the gods to interact with mortals.

Divine Domains


Holy Books & Codes

The Tome of Suhkorum

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An upside down crescent, mirroring Omega's symbol. The pentagram is falsely attributed to him as well, due to it being a symbol of dark magic, which he taught to mortals.


(Still haven't decided on a name, but around October, what left of the Suhkor worshiping community will all gather around the edge of Fanentous, where the Great Bridge use to be, and place candles around and mourn on a group.)

Physical Description

Body Features

Suhkor appears as a very tall man with pale purple skin. He has no face, only a large mouth, like his mother. He has large, leathery dragon-like wings and horns on his head.   In his human form, Suhkor was muscular and average height, with pale skin and short white hair. His eyes were always hidden, but he kept a few god-like features like his wings, horns and teeth.

Apparel & Accessories

He wore a light gold toga with gold accents.   In his human form, his outfit was the same but with added sandals and gold accessories such as rings, piercings, etc. He also has a gold cloth wrapped around his head that covered his eyes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Suhkor was born a full adult on the surface of earth, around the dawn of human civilization. He would spend the next several months of his life exploring earth and befriending the natives, as best he could since many of them were intimidated by his appearance and massive size. He would soon hear the voices of his parents, urging him to find his sister so that they my ascend into Overworld together. Once the two did, they would grow very close.   Time passed, and after Alpha and Omega's disappearance, him and his sister were now solely responsible for looking after the mortals. But Suhkor would quickly grow bored of sitting around in Overworld, and wanted to take a more proactive role in the mortal's lives. So began his frequent sneaking out of Overwold to communicate with the people below.   He would tell the humans the story of creation and give them secrets and tips to improving and expanding their magic. He even ended up teaching them Dark Magic. While he enjoyed his excursions to the surface, Fanenta didn't approve. She believed that his actions could lead to devastating consequences, however Suhkor argued that the gods shouldn't be separate from their creations.   Suhkor would eventually start giving himself a human form to sneak away from Overworld easier, and in this form he would meet and fall in love with a human woman named Melantha. The two would soon end up having a child together, a daughter by the name of Ehona .   This action was the final straw with Fanenta and as punishment, she closed the gates of Overworld to him and all unworthy souls. This angered Suhkor and to spite her, he created a mirror realm to Overworld, called Underworld and he would allow in all souls, even the souls of sinners.   However Underworld was not a paradise like Overworld was, and he still demanded rightful entry into his old home, and that his daughter be allowed in as well. After centuries the Underworld had transformed the souls inhabiting it into demons, which Suhkor would use to build and army and attack Overworld. This would begin the The Hundreds Year War . A city would form in support of him called Suhkorium .   In the end Suhkor would fight each other alone atop the Great Bridge. He would end up losing this battle and dying. His body would crumble into hundreds of stones, and this resulting mana blast would end up draining the crystals that held the islands of Suhkorium aloft. This resulted in all of the islands falling out of the sky into the abyss.

Morality & Philosophy

Suhkor believed that as a god he shouldn't be sitting back and watching the surface and not have anything to do with it. He felt like if they weren't down there, teaching the mortals about the world, their creation, their magic, that they were just wasting their time.   He felt as though the mortals had the right to have an informal connection with their god. He deeply cared for mortals and thought the other higher angles were far too full of themselves.

Personality Characteristics


His motivation to starting the war was due to what he believe was unfair punishment towards him and the mortals. He wished for all mortals a fair chance to the Overworld, and he also desired a paradise for him and his daughter to live. He believed that violence would be the only way to get through to them, as negotiation had failed.



He spoke similarly to his sister, and probably would have it's own font used as well, the main difference however, is that he died before common english existed, so he'd probably speak either Old English or Ancient Elvish.

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