Kingdom of Suhkorium

The Lost Kingdom

Suhkorium was once a large, powerful country just south of the Empire of Fanentous. However now most of the city lies in ruins at the bottom of the ocean in the Danklands.


Suhkorium also had a monarchy, but the rulers were Kings and Queens, and provinces were owned by dukes and duchesses.


Before Suhkorium or Fantentous was founded, the people were unified under a single religious movement known as Dualism. It was a religion spawned after the God Suhkor would descend and tell stories of the creation of the world. Over time this group would grow into large cities.   However, in 200 BC, the demigod Ehona was born, and religious split occurred. Those favoring the side of Suhkor would end up founding Suhkorium in his name. Not long after the city's creation, the The Hundreds Year War would begin, which lead to countless battles against Fanentous.   When the Great Bridge was built, battles fighting for control over it would become a frequent occurrence. The Great Bridge was the final battle field for Fanenta and Suhkor, where he would ultimately be defeated.   The death of Suhkor sent an intense mana wave barreling throughout the city, knocking out the power held with in the magic orbitite crystal that kept the isles a float. This caused the islands to crumble and fall out of the sky along with most of it's people. Suhkorium tragically sank into the abyss and into what is now known as the Danklands.   A legend says that Suhkoriums Grand Mage risked his life to transform the people into creatures that could survive the unknown habitat below. However this is simply a story told refugees who escaped Suhkorium before the collapse. Many do not believe that a Mage could be powerful enough to cast a transformation spell on an entire city in the midst of ultimate destruction.  
  Thousands of years later, remains of the ruins of Suhkorium can still be found floating around, as many small pieces of the Lunar Archipelago manages to stay in the air. It's believed that some of these islands still host humans or elven settlements, however this has yet to be confirmed. Currently archaeologists are hard at work uncovering the remains of Suhkorium.

Demography and Population

Suhkorium had a significant population of Humans and Elves alike, but the city was certainly more popular with humans.


Suhkorium used to exist on a cluster of islands similar to the Solar Archipelago, known as the Lunar Archipelago, which covered most of the Southern hemisphere of the planet. When Suhkorium sank, it took much of the Lunar Archipelago with it.

Technological Level

For a while, New Earth and The Fantasme were about the same on a technological level, even to 1 AD, when Suhkorium fell.


It's main religion, like Fanentous, was Dualism, the belief in Twin Gods. However Suhkorium was the result of a split in favoritism between the two gods.

Foreign Relations

Suhkoriums only known enemy was Fanentous. Suhkorium never had the chance to grow as large as The Empire could, let alone have many significant interactions with other countries in the area. At the time, much of the Lunar Archipelago was left undiscovered or uninhabited.

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