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"The angels told them of a world of paradise and infinate space where their souls would find eternal peace if they were deemed worthy."
— The Book of Fanenta


Overworld is a spiritual realm, unlike the physical realms where mortals like, like Earth and The Fantasme and it is where the souls of mortals can go in the afterlife, and it is also the home of the gods and High Angels.   Only worthy souls can enter Overworld. Those who are worthy are usually people who have been good people most of their lives, have a strong moral code, are empathetic to others, have repented for prior sins, and have the light in their hearts.   It has never been seen by mortals and acts as a final destination for all souls, unless they are reincarnated. It is a final resting place one cannot return from, and making a portal to the dimension is impossible.  


Though no one has seen it, the dimension has been described by the High Angels that once visited the Fantasme. They claimed it appears as a vast galaxy full of colorful nebulas and stars. There are billions of golden, glowing clouds floating through this space that belong to each soul in the realm. Each cloud contains a person's own personal paradise that can be customized at will. However, souls are never alone, as they can travel from cloud to cloud and visit other paradises.

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In the center of this dimension are 9 glowing rings surrounding a bright, burning star, that appears visually to the planets orbiting the sun. This is the realm of the Angels where the high angels and the gods live. Each ring represents one of the moral virtues that the angels preach to mortals. The star in the center is the Beacon of the Overworld, and can be seen no matter how far away from the center you are. It is said that this start is all that remains of the gods Alpha & Omega.  

Flora & Fauna

The 9 rings are said to be home to a garden of plants that no one on the surface world has ever seen. Some of these plants are believed to be used in the creation of souls, or can be eaten to grant powers or influence evolution.   Here High Angels have the 'Body Garden', which is a large plant that grows human bodies like fruits on a vine. They will grow from a fetus, to a baby, and into a grown adult on this vine. The bodies are hallow and lacking a soul, which angels use as vessels so they can exist on the surface world.

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