New Bridge

The A E S T H E T I C City

New Bridge is a large city in New Earth. Specifically it is located in Washington, United States.   The city acts as the hometown for the protagonists of the story, Marc, Ellie, Kristine and Jeremie.


Currently the city is a popular place for millennials, entertainers, and those interested in the tech or scientific field.


The current Mayor is Richard Rodney. He's not a very well liked mayor with the younger generation, with a running joke being to call him 'Dick Rod.'  
Vote DICK for your mayor! Mr. Rodney's Re-Election Campain

Industry & Trade

New Bridge used to be very successful as a fishing town and a port city, but after it's significant population increase it expanded it's scope to other trades.


New Bridge was founded in 1864 by Sampson Curley and his group of sailors who decided to build a port and call the place home. This boat town was known for a while by it's old name of St Milton's Bridge, named after a land bridge that spanned from the mainland to St Millton's Island off the coast. This name would end up becoming obsolete when a flood in 1872 cause the bridge to be washed away and lost in 20 feet of water, meaning for a while the only way back and forth between the island was by ferry.   In 1917, a proper bridge was finally built between the two islands, and the name was changed to "New Bridge". By this time, the city had a population of over 150,000 people.   New Bridge had a cultural and popularity boom in the 1950's and 60's, with first a large influx of large greaser gangs, and then in the 60's the rise of hippy and drug culture. The city also has a significant rise in the 90's with the introduction of the grunge and punk scene.   Currently it's in the midst of a science and technological boom, with many big tech companies setting their head quarters there, and with big science cooperation such as Revival Laboratories being founded in the area. It's also become a hot spot for the entertainment industry, especially so with 'internet entertainers.'


The city is made up of modern western architecture typical of a city. New bridge has a large number of tall buildings and sky scrapers. Many of the building such as company headquarters, shopping centers, government buildings and even high end homes have a very postmodern, new age look to them.   Called the Glowing City, due to how brightly some of it's most prominent buildings light up in an array of colors at night fall. Downtown New Bridge is popular people of the 'aesthetic scene' with many artists and photographers traveling to the area for it's urban, retro-futuristic vibe.


New Bridge sits in a cozy spot where it has excess to many types of environments, be it the coast to the west of the town or the forested mountains to the east.

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