Dusk Valley

"I thought Dusk Valley was going to be another ghost town I would pass through and forget about as quickly as the others, but this place was different. Something powerful and ancient was drawing me deeper into this tiny little village, hidden away from the rest of the world."
Dusk Valley is a small town located in Oregon and the primary location of A Home for Monsters   It has a reputation of being a place where strange paranormal events happen often, and the residents being very adverse to new comers.


While at first glance, the town seems like a small town where the lower class have made their home, the area is actually located directly in the middle of a Mana Pocket making it a secret hub for all sorts of supernatural creatures to make their homes. Witches, Vampires, and Werewolves are the most common of these supernatural residents. Though it can also be home for ghosts and demons as well.


The town is run mostly by a mayor. Currently, the town is in the process of electing a new mayor, and those in the running are the current mayor Abraham Wulf, a purebreed werewolf and an influential man in town, and Thomas Buckly, a newcomer from the city who seems to be connected with the local vampire coven.  

Geography & Architecture

Dusk Valley is a very small town located in the middle of nowhere. It could be found in the wooded areas in the northern part of Oregon. The town is surrounded by thick forests and mountainous terrain. As the town name suggests, it's nestled in a valley surrounded by large hills.   The town has a large population of low income households, so many of it's buildings are small and cheap, but at the same time the town is very old, and with that comes many large houses in an american Gothic style that have been around for over a century.

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Percy King
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Abraham Wulf
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Long before humans arrived to the area, it's believed the valley was the homes of Fairies and witches who used the area for its mana pocket. In the 19th century, settlers fresh off the Oregon trail arrived to the land to make their new homes there. However they would be met with problems as soon as they arrived, as the existing residents of the valley did not take kindly to the new strangers invading their home.   Disappearances, mysterious illnesses and murders would strike anyone who settled in the area. These attacks would occur in the cover of darkness, just after the sun sets, thus giving the area the name 'Dusk Valley'. People began to fear the area and stayed away from it, all but one man.   Percy King was an entrepreneur who saw value in the land he wasn't so willing to give up on over some ghost stories. He traveled deep into the valley where he eventually met with the magical residents face to face. Percy made deal with the fairies, which to this day is a mystery, in exchange for allowing people to settle in the area.   From that point on the area was safe to be settled. At first people were still afraid to settle there due to the rumors, but after a railroad was build through the town the population rose significantly. Dusk Valley, as it was named officially, was a prosperous little town for much of the late 19th century and early 20th century. This was when other supernatural creatures heard of the mana pocket town and began to move in.   in the 70s, the railway line the town relied on for their economic growth was discontinued, and the population rapidly went on the decline, taking the place of humans were supernaturals using the towns new-found obscurity to hide.   In the modern day the town is just a shell of what it used to be, with many of it's major businesses shut down, and many residents who dislike the company of strangers, the town has mostly fallen off the radar for the human set.

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