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"I would find more enjoyment in being so blessed to have seen New Earth personally, if it wasn't so overwhelming. All the lights and sounds and fast moving automobiles and strange boxes with people inside and people talking into tiny glass trinkets-- OH it's just too much. For a world with out magic, the things you can do here is beyond imagine." Faerin Leyric, Studies of a New Earth
  New Earth is the name given to your home and mine, Earth, the Dimension of Science. Although, no one on Earth calls it that, and it's instead a name coined by Fantasmians Earth is the parallel dimension to the The Fantasme. Much like the real world, it lacks magic and mana, apart from what very little has leaked through Portals. As a result people on Earth have been forced to modernize to do the things they want.   Unlike the Fantasmians, the humans of Earth have no knowledge of the Fantasme's existence, and most people have no reason to believe another dimension exists at all.  

Connection to the Fantasme

  Despite having little connection with the Fantasme, a few things manage to slip through and live in secrecy through portals. Creatures like werewolves, vampires and demons rely on human's lack of knowledge on the supernatural to prey on them, while magic users will make their way into the dimension to experience it's futuristic tech in exchange for having far less magic.   Creatures making their way into Earth have been the cause of many tales and rumors of magic and monsters on Earth, but they have all almost always been chalked up as myths or misinterpretation.  


  Earth was once a part of the Fantasme as a dimention called Fused Earth, created by the gods Alpha & Omega. However Alpha did not trust mortals with magic and demanded it be removed, but Omega disagreed, and the two feuded until Alpha decided to rip the dimensions in half, and recreate the Earth with out magic, and with out the memory of magic.   Humans could no longer rely on magic to survive, to they compensated by turning to invention, innovation and science.

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