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The Shadow Realm

The Corrupted Land

The Shadow Realm is a realm in Underworld created by Vahit Marangoz and the home of the Shades.  


  What is know known as the Shadow Realm was once a small piece of land that belonged to the mainland area of the underworld and under the jurisdiction of Ehona . It was a rather empty piece of land, with only a small settlement of demons living there. When Vahit turned himself into a shade and formed his army, he needed a place to call his base, and decided to invade this piece of land.   Since other demons had never seen anything like Shades before, they had no idea how to fight them, so Vahit was able to take the land for himself with out might of a fight. The presance of shades long term started to corrupt the area, with black blood coating anything and everything. Even the lakes would end up turning into a black tar pit.   Vahit would end up having a tower built for him and his closest allies to live in. Fallen shade hearts would end up being buried in the soil, which corrupted the land even further into an almost psudo living organism.


The Shadow Realm is a landscape entirely of black ooze, similar to that of what the shadow demons themselves are made of. Visually it looks similar to a black, corrupted version of The Fantasme, with dark dripping islands and a tower in the center that looks visually similar to the towers owned by the Mage's Council .   The landscape is riddled with red eyes and malformed limbs that grow from the ground. This is because much of the landscape is made from broken or damaged demon hearts, whose blood creates walkable land. In several places new voidstone grows out of the ground.

Fauna & Flora

No plants or animals can survive in the the shadow realm, not even known Underworld plants. Any creature that exists in this area shades, or the byproducts of shades.

Other Information


Vahit's Tower

The tower is a 1,000 ft structure with in the shadow realm, and the headquarters of the shadow army, as well as Vahit's place of residence. It's also the base of many of the elite demons. Vahit's study, living quarters and throne room are at the very top of the tower and heavily guarded.  

The Whispering Maw

  At the very top of the tower is a large, red, ghostly mouth with rows of sharp teeth. This is a projection caused by a piece of Malevolence's stone that Vahit has in his possession. The mouth triggers the 'hive mind' instinct that is a part of shades due to their connection with Blood Demon. The mouth acts as a radio beacon giving instructions only other shades can hear. This often comes in the form of constant incoherent whispering that is constantly in their ear.   All the maw really does in force certain laws of the area to be followed. For instance, any shade with in it's range will be transformed into their demon form automatically. This can be painful for those not prepared for it.

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