The Hot, Hot Depths

"When people think of hell, they thing of fire and Brimstone. Well Brimstone is exactly what that is, and its just as agonizing as it sounds, unless you are a Fyr.
— Devil's Rulebook to Surviving the Underworld.


Brimstone is an area in the Underworld that primarily consists of harsh caverns and cliffs of red stone and large lava lakes and rivers. The area is reminiscent of the inside of a volcanic cave system, with lava flowing the land masses and in the form of lava waterfalls.   One of the largest rivers in hell travels directly through Brimstone, meaning most demons have to cross the area at some point if they plan on doing any traveling.

Fauna & Flora

Brimstone is incredibly hot, and it makes it impossible for many creatures to live there, even onces demonic in nature. The red stone is nearly barren of plant life aside from the occasional dead grass or shrubbry, scorched black from the searing heat.   The wrath demons, Fyrs make this realm home, being made completely of fire themselves. They are unaffected by the heat or the lava, and infact they enjoy bathing in it often.

Natural Resources

Brimstone is the where the Devils Fire crystals can be found. They are a special form og elemental crystal, charged with demonic fire magic. They automatically burn the flesh of mortals who havent protected themselves with armor or magic, and they will immediately set fire to flammable objects.   As impractical as it is for a mortal to keep one, it makes fire mage much stronger than what even a fire element crystal can do.

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This article was made for Summer Camp 2019 for the prompt:

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