The Nest

The Nest is the home and breeding grounds of the Nightmare demons. It is landscape of giant spiderwebs where Nightmare's take their victims.


The nest is a large landscape made out of strong but tangled cobwebs. The webs are nearly solid and its possible for an average weight person to walk across it with no issue. The webs are build over a massive pit that is so deep, you can't see the bottom of it. The nest built from centuries of webbing building up, creating hills and caves and pillars, and there are many places where the buildup is so thick that you can no longer see through them.   Many of the webs are still sticky and it's easy to get ensnared by them, leaving you vulnerable for a Nightmare to attack you. The only fauna you'll find in this area. are spiders. Lots and lots of spiders, all all different shapes and sizes, many of which will attack you in hordes.

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