The Underside

It's hell.

One of the 9 planes of the Underworld, it exists under the main area of the underworld, and is a place where then souls of sinners are sent to suffer for eternity. It is that part of the underworld that most resembled the common depiction of 'Hell'.


The underside is a completely under ground labyrinth of caves and dungeons. It's incredibly easy to get lost in, and it's full of rooms and caverns meant to torture victims sent down there. It is notoriously easy to get lost among the long, winding catacombs. Most of the tunnels are very claustrophobic and hard to navigate.

Fauna & Flora

The caves are mostly barren of foliage and plant life. You mostly only ever see brambles of dead plants and lots of mushrooms. Other plants are heavily mutated and corrupted things of nightmares, like flowers that sprout eyes and roots that reach out and grab you.   The tunnels are also fulls of ghouls and the undead --twisted, disfigured abominations-- that often will often target weaker souls and attack them. It's also a home to a many Demon that use the tunnels are their personal hunting ground for vulnerable souls.  


  In the class system of the underworld, the lowest of society are sent to Underside often to simply be out of the way of the folk who live on higher ground. Any soul deemed undesirable to sent down there. It's often used as a means of punishment and imprisonment. The sheer number a souls sent down there means it's also very convenient spot to retrieve weak souls for whatever you may need them for.  

Escaping the Underside

  There are many ways to escape the underside, but they are often are difficult or come with a catch. The main method many souls attempt is simply finding the exit, however this is easier said than done. Few survive long enough to find it, while others will spend centuries looking for it.   Another method is repentance. If you can prove yourself strong or useful, there is a chance you will be chosen to come up to higher levels by a representative. This often involves the transformation into a demon, often a form that fits the nature of the souls original crime.   One can also be brought out if they agree to give their soul to a higher ranking demon like a Devil or Succibus. This often means they end up forever in that demon's servitude as a slave.

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