Flesh Caverns

Thu-thump thu-thump thu-thump thu-thump

The flesh caverns are one of the nine major regions of Underworld known as the Nine Planes. The blood caverns are the home the Blood Demons and act as a sort of hive, from which they spawn.


The blood caverns are a series of strange tunnels made of flesh and viscera. The inside of the tunnels are moist, warm, and unsettlingly squishy. The walls pulsate as if alive and the heavy, deep thumping of a heartbeat can be heard in any part of the tunnels. Some have claimed to see agonized faces morph in and out of the walls.   The blood tunnels all eventually open up to the 'heart' of the blood caverns where the Blood Abomination lives. This is considered the central hub for blood demons, with demons constantly coming in and out to fuse or unfuse with the Blood Abomination.

Fauna & Flora

The caverns have no real plants or animals. You can find many strange, vaguely organ-shaped growths everywhere in the caverns. Mostly the only things that live there are the blood demons. While the caverns appear empty, blood demons can actually fuse into the walls and travel undetected that way. It's likely that a wanderer will find themselves caught off guard and attacked by blood demons who had remained hidden while following them.

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