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The Suit of Hearts

The Suit of Hearts is a military group in the Underworld that doubles as a underground criminal organization in New Earth.   The leader of this group is the powerful Vahit Mangoz, and members consists of mostly Shades and other demons who would choose to serve him.


The head of command is Vahit Marangoz, his is the leader and creator of the Shades. He in the end makes all of the decisions regarding the group and their actions. The Vahit for the military side of the group and the Vahit for the crime syndicate side seem to almost be different people. When in the shadow realm, Vahit's willing to perform grand motivational speeches and lead his people to the charge. However on New Earth he changes face completely, being a reclusive, almost mysterious figure. Vahit rarely involves himself deeply in the gang activity, leaving the heavy lifting to Malice.  

Other Members

  Malice is in second of command. He is the charismatic business maker that runs most of the crime syndicate side of the Suit of Hearts.   Sherry Ligstien is Malice's assistant and the face of gang, as she's the only one with presence intimidating enough to get a job done in person. Sherry is often sent on missions to deal with members who are out of line, or people who owe money to The Hearts.   Emmett Espinosa, when not being possessed by Malice, is no more than the groups lacky, often being the one sent out on errands and petty missions.  

Elite Shades

  In the lead of Vahit's subjects are the Elite Shades, shades who have been granted more powers and more unique demon form. They are considered some of Vahit's best soldiers and are given far more important and difficult missions.

Public Agenda

The group follows the orders of Vahit, who advocates the slaughter of elves and the destruction of The Empire of Fantentous. Their goal is to rid the world of what they believe is an oppressive regime and a race of sociopathic, elitist elves. Their second main goal is to collect the The Goddess Blades in order to destroy them, and kill the goddess inside.


The Suit of Hearts have access to all sorts of man power. There are enough shades in the group to fill up a small city in the underworld. As well, thanks to the help of Malice, the group is also allied with several powerful demons around the underworld.   On the surface, the gang maintains a information network which they hold onto tightly by getting involved or even merging with major gangs and crime organizations in the area. They make their money currently through the illegal drug trade as well as information.  


The process of recruiting a potencial shade is a tricky and complicated one. It requires having insider knowledge of a certain person of interest. This usually ends up being wealthy people, those involved in public news stories, or those related to the gang activity the hearts so heavily involve themselves in.   Vahit looks for freshly deceased souls who had died tragically. Usually this means victims of murder, terrorism, abuse or something similar. Vahit tends to go after people who had been hurt the same way he had. Vahit will usually manipulate this person, convincing them that their gods or the system had failed them, but offering them a second chance at life through his experimental form or 'rebirth.'   When the person has become a Shade, Vahit will usually incentivize them to fufill their deep desire for revenge using their powers. This will end up giving them a lust for death and violence, which is just what Vahit needs to get them to work for him.   Vahit typically picks his recruits very carefully, and only picks those in the most vulnerable state. He very rarely makes a mistake in how he judges people, only ever having one bad egg.


The group was founded not long after Vahit began turning others into shades and they joining him. It started as a simple group to defend their new territory and recruit new members, as many other demons where trying to run the group out.   Once the group of Shades has established themselves, Vahit sought to take advantage of the shade's ability to walk the surface, unlike other demons. They would eventually form a sort of organized crime syndicate on New Earth sometime in the late 1800's. They would use shadey and illegal tactics to gain influence and power, as well as the ability to spy on potential recruits in the making. Their group would be a rise in the 30's alongside the mafia, before dying down after the 50's.   Sometime in the 70's and 80's the group would once again grow in notoriety following rise of drug cartels. It would be around this time where The Hearts would increase significantly in numbers. With their men rising, The Hearts would go back to it's more military roots and start Vahit's long planned attack on the The Fantasme and especially The Empire of Fanentous.   The group would attack Fanentous Capital and manage to assassinate the current empress before being driven out of the city but a newly formed group called the Goddess' Knights. The Knights would continue to become a nuisance in Vahit's grand plan, which would ultimately end up in the two groups going to war with each other.   While at first The Hearts were fighting a losing battle, Vahit would eventually meet Malice, an infamous demon in the underworld with many connections. He requested to join The Suit of Hearts, bringing with him access to all sorts of demons and creatures for the group to use. With this, The Hearts had gain the advantage, and began to decimate The Knights. In under a year they had managed to reduce the main group to only a few members, before they would disband.   With The Knights out of the way the Suit of Hearts would continue taking over smaller villages of elves, and either slaughtering or enslaving them. Meanwhile they would also keep up their practices in New Earth, with the drug trade and gang culture, to keep an eye on where Sarah Winter might have taken the The Goddess Blades.

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