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Emmett Espinosa

The Blue Fireball.

"You won't be so high and mighty after I set that douchebag haircut of yours on fire!"
Emmett is a young boy possessed by a demon known as Malice and works for Vahit.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Emmett is a young Hispanic boy who stands at about 5'2 and has tan skin and dark hair. His hair is always kept slicked back, with only a few stray hairs loose. He has a s golden brown eyes and a recognizable gap between who two front teeth. Despite his small stature he's pretty physically fit and strong.


Emmett often wears the same blue, striped hoodie t-shirt all the time, often dirty as he rarely actually changes his clothes. His jeans are worn and ripped up and his shoes are old and dirty. Tends to wear the same thing often as he doesn't have access to an entire wardrobe of clothes.

Special abilities

Because of his deal with Malice, Emmett has demonic powers, primary pyrokinesis, which allowed him to summon fire at will. The more he uses Malice's powers however, the more Malice possesses him. Malice can completely possess him for short periods of time, which allows him to make use of some of his strongest demonic powers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Emmett was born in a relatively stable household with his parents, Luciano and Yoana Espinosa. His family we pretty well of considering their neighborhood, but non-the-less Emmett was still a troubled kid. He was always a anti-social and aggressive and tended to get into fights anyone hurt his fragile pride. He ended up with a bit of a reputation and hung out with other delinquents after school.   Around his early teens his family began having issues with his uncle Ramiro, who was a meth addict and a con man. Emmett's father had tried to distance himself from his brother for years when he began borrowing more and more money that he wasn't willing to pay back. Arguments lead to threatening phone calls and shouting matches on the lawn, so for a while, Emmett stopped going home.   One evening Emmett didn't return home for a long time after getting a suspension notice from school. Not wanting to deal with his parents in an already stressful time, came him at sundown. However when he arrived, his uncles beat up truck was parked outside the front door was a-jar. When he entered the house he found both of his parents shot dead in the kitchen. He took a knife to defend himself and found Ramiro tearing up the house to find any valuables. While he was distracted Emmett manages to stab Ramiro with a knife, and continue stabbing him when he had stumbled onto the floor.   The police arrived due to a noise complaint and Emmett was arrested for not just Ramiro's murder, but was also charged for his parents murders as well, despite his pleas that to that he hadn't and was tried as an adult. Desperate not to go to jail for it, he met with an entity named Malice who told him he was capable of helping the boy out of his predicament and making him stronger, in exchange for his body. Emmett, young and overwhelmed with emotions, accepted the demon's offer, and allowed him to possess him.   Emmett used Malice's power to break out of his holding cell and escape trial. Now on the run, Emmett found himself relying on Malice in order to survive out on the streets. Eventually Malice convinced Emmett to join up with his master Vahit and work for him, which he has done ever since.




Emmett had a normal school education, though he often skipped school or would get suspended. He stopped going to school during his freshmen year after his parent's murder, since he now lives on the streets.

Morality & Philosophy

Emmett will do whatever he needs to to survive. He had not problems with theft or trespassing to get the things he needs, and he will kill someone if he has to. He sometimes shows remorse for murder but if the person had been an ass to him before, he'll be less forgiving.   By default he assumes most people are selfish and entitled and are willing to screw him over for their own gain, so he doesn't feel guilty in hurting others.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Emmett enjoys fighting for the fun of it. He was really into wrestling as a kid and enjoys watching and starting fights. He has an usual fondness for knives and collects ones he finds interesting looking. This also means this small boy has an abundance of knives. On a smaller note he also loves spicy food, and rock music.   He hates a lot of things, in fact you could even say he loves to hate things. He will often complain about small things or go on long rants about minor inconveniences.

Virtues & Perks

"Come on man, you know I always have your back. Those punks would do shit to you as long as I'm around."
Emmett is young and excitable. Despite everything he's dealt with in life he still has a bit of childlike innocence left. When he fines someone he honestly truly trusts, he looks up to them like a guardian and will do anything to protect him. When he's in a good mood he can be quite a funny and snarky person to be around. He is insanely strong and powerful with Malice's assistance, and even with out, he's trained himself to fight and can defend himself in most situations.

Vices & Flaws

"YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! I"m going to fucking slit your throat and feed your body to the rats you dumb fucking asshole!"
Emmett is very quick to anger, and acts erratically and violently when he goes into a rage. He is quick to start a fight or argument with someone over the smallest issue, as a result, doesn't get along with most people. He has an inflated sense of pride that if it gets hurt, will send him into a fit. He's not the smartest kid, and will often do stupid shit to show off or try to prove something. He also just not very book smart in general, having not had a great education.

Motivation & Conflict

Emmett's only real motivator for himself is to be stronger so he can defend himself and people he cares about, however in doing so he gets himself deep in debt with a demonic organization, who he serves at the threat of severe punishment or death. Despite hating his life with the organization, he trusts Vahit at his word and thus doesn't trust people like the Goddess Knights.



Emmett is a generally aggressive and anger person. Everything from the way he walks, talks, and stands is meant to convey someone who is threatening and not be be messed with. He wears a constant scowl on his face.   The way he speaks is very loud and peppered with colorful language. Being still young his voice tends to crack a lot still, especially when he's yelling, which he often is.


Emmett Espinosa


Towards Malice




Towards Emmett Espinosa



Malice had realized that adult bodies were too strong for his powers to work properly, as their wills kept them from succumbing to possession as easily. He needed to find a body that wouldn't be destroyed so quickly by his powers, so he searched for a younger vessel he could train to be his permanent body.   That's when Malice met Emmett, shortly after being detained and charged with the murder of his parents. He was desperate to find a way out, so Malice reached out to the boy and offered his services to him in exchange for his body. The young, naive, and emotionally unstable boy agreed to his terms and allowed him to possess him.   Later Malice would force Emmett to work with his own boss, Vahit.

Relationship Description
Malice and Emmett do not like each other, they tolerate each other. Malice often finds Emmett to be incompetent and reckless, which angers him to the point of lashing out at Emmett to punish him. He has little respect for the boy, and only sees him as a human skin suit and a toy for him to play with.   Emmett hates Malice, but knows that with out him, he's weak and powerless. He deals with his degrading attitude and harsh punishments because he knows that he doesn't have a way out of it. He defends Malice in front of others simply to convince himself he didn't make a mistake, but he is simply in denial about the situation.

Emmett Espinosa


Towards Sherry Eckstein


Sherry Eckstein


Towards Emmett Espinosa



Emmett and Sherry met shortly after Emmett was first possessed by Malice. Since sherry also was a servant to Malice, the two were teamed up a lot.

Relationship Description
Sherry and Emmett have a pretty bad relationship. Sherry follows Malice's orders to a T and acts almost as an extension of him when it comes to how she treats Emmett, often being the one to physically carry out Malice's punishment. She gets agitated with Emmett's recklessness, especially when it causes them to fail a mission, as Sherry knows she'll be reprimanded for it as well.   Emmett finds Sherry to be bossy and annoying, and frequently refers to her having a stick up her ass. Her cold demeanor is off putting and he finds himself a little scared of her, especially if he's messed up.



Towards Emmett Espinosa


Emmett Espinosa


Towards Vahit



Emmett was introduced to Vahit shortly after being possessed by Malice. At first Vahit was unsure about the decision to possess a human so young, but Malice insisted that possessing him younger would make him stronger in the future. Vahit still doubts this, but Emmett has proved himself a bit useful by performing odd jobs for the The Suit of Hearts under the guidance of Sherry Ligstien.  

Relationship Description
  Vahit doesn't care much for Emmett, and only talks to him when he actively being possessed by Malice. Any other time he finds him to no more than an obnoxious brat.   Emmett feels indifferent towards Vahit, not necessarily being loyal to him and only doing his job at the will of Malice and Sherry. Since he has little experience with the Fantasme, Emmett has no reason to doubt Vahit's claims about the elves, so he just runs with it.

Jérémie Aumerle


Towards Emmett Espinosa


Emmett Espinosa


Towards Jérémie Aumerle



Jérémie met Emmett for the first time shortly after arriving to New Bridge and seeing him use clearly demonic powers to mug a random stranger (who would later be revealed to be Selene), but more importantly, he sensed the presance of the demon possessing him to being Malice, Vahit's second in command.   At first he didn't believe it, 'cause why would such a powerful demon be possessing a random delinquent teen, but he'd be proven right when Emmett would confront him again to 'get back at him' and become fully possessed by Malice to fight him.   From this point on, Emmett would become a reoccurring pain in Jérémie's ass, with him constantly going after him and the new Goddess Knights to try and prove some sort of point.   Act 2 Spoilers

In act 2, Malice's possession of Emmett would be suppressed by Marc's dream powers, allowing for the teen to think for himself for once. This act, plus a confrontation where the Knights would show him mercy caused him to have a change of heart and leave Vahit. Emmett was eventually accepted into the Goddess Knights, but Jérémie still struggled to trust him.
Relationship Description
  Emmett seems to have this unspoken rivalry with Jérémie, however he finds Emmett to be an annoying child that likes to get in the way.   Act 2 Spoilers
It's only during Emmett's redemption arc that the two have any more complex of a relationship. Jérémie is the last person to actually trust Emmett, as he still believes there's a risk to letting him on the team, and he hadn't tet forgiven him for his previous actions.   While the two are partners, they are still very bitter towards each other and often get into fights over it.

Hunter Bryant


Towards Emmett Espinosa


Emmett Espinosa


Towards Hunter Bryant



Hunter became a shade a few years before Malice became second in command, thus he knew him long before he possessed Emmett. Being distrustful of Malice, Hunter did some snooping on Emmett, and eventually met the kid first hand. Despite his dislike of Malice, he found Emmett rather endearing, and empathized with his situation dealing with gangs and living on the street.  

Relationship Description
  Emmett and Hunter have a sort of sibling relationship, and Hunter acts as a kind of older brother to Emmett and will buy him food and things he needs to survive. Sometimes he'll just hang out with him and keep him company. Hunter can get a bit protective over Emmett and can get upset if he's threatened.

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American (Mexican Heritage)
October 30th (Scorpio)
Year of Birth
2001 AD 15 Years old
East Los Angeles
Current Residence
Aligned Organization
Family Ties

Luciano Espinosa (Father)

Yoana Espinosa (Mother)

Ramiro Espinosa (Uncle)

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Emmett, possessed by Malice

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