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Sherry Eckstein

The Fallen Hero

"Pardon me, it seems I must sew my head back on, if you'll excuse me."
  Sherry is a zombie thrall currently serving Malice and in turn Vahit. However she was stolen from Kalheim Aedian, her original master.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Sherry is a petite young woman with long grey hair tied up into a ponytail. Her body is sewn together from pieces of discolored skin, which turns a rather green, rotten color. These stitches are weak and can be ripped easily, thankfully this does not kill her when it happens, in fact she completely lacks blood. She has one natural grey eye, and the other is a glass eye.


Sherry has a very modest, almost 'doll-like' way of dressing herself. All her outfits are notably grey scale, and she rarely wears any color. Her favorite outfit it a dark dress the reaches her knees over a light grey blouse and a dark great bow around her neck.

Special abilities

As well as being undead, thus effectively immortal, Sherry does have some powers separate from her zombified body. She has powerful telekinetic powers and can move objects several meters away from her and with extreme precision, even able to form grains of sand into projectiles.   Her magic is still casted using her hands, meaning if her arms are damaged, her powers will grow weaker. And if severed entirely, her powers will stop working all together. If her head is severed she will lose the ability to move her body, but will still be able to speak.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

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In 1936, Sherry was born to a middle class family in Munich, Germany. She was a child in the midst of World War II, which made her childhood tough, confusing and uncertain. Her family were paranoid about public places like schools being bombed, so Sherry was home schooled and not allowed out of the house much. Even when the war had ended, her family continued to be over protective. She grew up anti-social and sheltered, as he parents taught her things like cooking and sewing. Tired of being cooped all time, she started sneaking out more.   When she was 18 she met a young man and ran away with him to another country. This is where she found a Portal. The portal lead her to The Fantasme , and she wound up in the middle of the Ghliteren mountains. She got lost in this area and sadly was unable to find her way out before she froze to death on the cold mountain.


Sherry's body was found by a young necromancer named Kalheim Aedian. The cold and ice had almost perfectly preserved her body, making her a perfect candidate for Kalheims first human revival. He took her corpse and used 'spare parts' to fix up the damaged parts of her body, and performed the ritual.   After days of this, Sherry awoke in the Ghliteren Mage Tower in her new body, with no memories of her past. She had only a vague recollection of her name and how she died. Kalheim was kind to her and offered to teach her about the new world she existed in as long as she made she to keep her existence a secret from the other mages in the tower. During this time the two would form a bond, and Kalheim would start seeing her as an individual rather than a tool of his creation.   However one day while Kalheim was out, another mage came into his room looking for something and found Sherry. The mage panicked and attacked her, causing her to need to defend herself. She ended up discovering she had telekinesis after she chucked a crystal ball at the mages head. However, now the secret was out and the two had to flee the tower, lest face the legal repercussions of Kalheim's illegal magic.   The two hid out in a cabin in the mountains, only going out to gather supplies and ingredients for Kalheim's work. The two became rather infamous in the area, people often spreading rumors about the 'creepy necromancer in the mountains and his zombie bride.' The two laughed these off more often then not.

The Goddess Knights

During a trip into town for supplies, Sherry noticed something wrong with the school, as it had a dark aura around it. Despite Kalheim's bitterness to the school, Sherry still worried for the students and convinced him to check it out. It turned out the school was being attacked by Shades. The two decided to use there powers to rescue the students at the school, and eventually the Goddess' Knights arrived to also aid in the situation.   After successfully driving the shades out Kal was read to make a run for it with Sherry when they were both stopped by Sarah Winter who was surprised and impressed that a necromancer would go out of his way to help the people who shunned him, and she offered the both of them the opportunity to join the Goddess Knights. Knowing that joining would pardon Kal of his crimes, he wholeheartedly agreed.   Kalheim and Sherry would spend the next few years working with the Knights, and Sherry would finally make friends that weren't Kal. In fact many of the Knights were rather protective and endeared by Sherry.


  In 1997, the Knight's base was suddenly attacked by Shades and other demons, lead by a mysterious man only introducing himself as 'Malice. His army was far more powerful than anything the Knights had dealt with, and in trying to protect the others, Kalheim died in the battle.   With out a master, Sherry's life began to fade away, but before she could fade into the abyss, she was yanked bake like a dog on a chain. When she regained consciousness, she had lost her memory, and the Knights had fled the destroyed base. She was told by Malice he had 'saved' her from fading away after her former master had died, and that she works at his command now.   Malice lied to Sherry, convincing her that the Knights were evil and tried to kill her, and killed her former master. He told her about Vahit's grand plan to liberate both humans and demons by destroying the Empire. Malice turned Sherry into his pawn and a tool to carry out tasts on the surface world that he could not do himself.   Sherry is still under Malice's control and has been assigned to care for and manage a young boy named Emmett Espinosa, of whom Malice has recently possessed.




Sherry has always been 'home schooled' one way or another and has never had a proper education. Despite this, she is still very intelligent as she spent a lot of time reading about the world and self teaching herself new skills.


She doesn't officially 'work' anywhere. She serves under Malice, who in turn serves under Vahit. She is sent on mission or errands that would require a non-shade to perform. As well she is assigned as a partner to Malice's vessel, Emmett, watching over him and keeping him on task when Malice isn't actively possessing him.

Morality & Philosophy

Despite inherently being a good person, her nature as a zombie thrall means her mortality is dictated by whomever her current master is. If her master wants her to commit acts of evil, she will and has little choice in the matter. Her master can have control over every aspect of her will and personality if they so choose.

Personality Characteristics


Currently, with out a will of her own, her motivations are to do what she's told unquestioningly. Deep down she would like to retrieve her old memories, which Malice has convinced her she can get back if she is a 'good girl' and does what he says.

Likes & Dislikes

Sherry likes to sew and make her own clothing. She enjoys fashion and doll making, and will sometimes use her telekinesis to puppeteer the dolls.   She dislikes her job and what she has to do everyday just to satisfy Malice. She hates having her memories held hostage by him.

Virtues & Personality perks

"If you need anything at all, please just give me a call. I'm always available."
In the past, Sherry was gentle, kind young lady. She was intelligent and always willing to learn new things or try something new. She was hard working and rarely ever complained about someone needing her help. She instinctively wanted to help people, no matter how minor the problem was.

Vices & Personality flaws

"My task is to kill you, and I will see it to completion."
  While in the past Sherry tended to be a little naive and awkward, most of her flaws come as a result of working with Malice. She can be very blunt and cruel with her wording and she often comes off as unsympathetic to people's suffering. When she is given a task, her only thought is on completeing it. She gets angry and frustrated when she is unable to complete a mission, and will push herself beyond her limit in an attempt to complete it.



Sherry is very formal and robotic in the way she stand and walks. She tends not to express emotions very vibrantly and often is seen with a bored looking expression. Social and emotional queues for her are very subtle and hard to notice unless you are paying attention, otherwise she comes off a bit like an empty husk of a person.


She speaks in a soft, rather monotone voice. Everything she says comes off as rather flat and disinterested, regardless of the emotion she is actually feeling at the time. She will not change this tone of voice even if she is telling a joke or using sarcasm, which causes people to take her words more seriously than she intended.


Emmett Espinosa


Towards Sherry Eckstein


Sherry Eckstein


Towards Emmett Espinosa



Emmett and Sherry met shortly after Emmett was first possessed by Malice. Since sherry also was a servant to Malice, the two were teamed up a lot.

Relationship Description
Sherry and Emmett have a pretty bad relationship. Sherry follows Malice's orders to a T and acts almost as an extension of him when it comes to how she treats Emmett, often being the one to physically carry out Malice's punishment. She gets agitated with Emmett's recklessness, especially when it causes them to fail a mission, as Sherry knows she'll be reprimanded for it as well.   Emmett finds Sherry to be bossy and annoying, and frequently refers to her having a stick up her ass. Her cold demeanor is off putting and he finds himself a little scared of her, especially if he's messed up.



Towards Sherry Eckstein


Sherry Eckstein


Towards Vahit



Sherry was once part of the Goddess Knight fighting against Vahit, being the thrall of the necromancer, Kalheim Aedian. However in the battle against the demon lord Malice, Kalheim fell in battle, leaving control of her life in the hands of Malice. She is now in his employ, and by extension,Vahit's.   When her memory was wiped by Malice, it was as if Sherry had met Vahit for the first time, and in this scenario, was much more willing to hear his side of the story.  

Relationship Description
As a former Goddess Knight, Sherry used to despise Vahit, however that was before her memory was taken from her. Currently she is loyal to Vahit purely because she does not remember any other version of the truth. Vahit on the other hand, finds it humorous that a former Goddess Knight, and a particularly powerful one at that, now works for him.

Kalheim Aedian


Towards Sherry Eckstein


Sherry Eckstein


Towards Kalheim Aedian



Kalheim found Sherry's body on the side of a mountain decades after she had frozen to death there. The ice had kept her body perfectly preserved and her appearance was so striking for Kalheim that he knew this was who he wanted to bring back from the grave.   After several long, grueling weeks, Sherry opened her eyes for the first time and saw Kalheim. The first thing she asked was to be taken somewhere warm. Kalheim brought her to his dorm in the Mages tower and told her about how he brought her back from the dead and how he was technically her master, but he didn't want to force her to do his bidding or anything. Sherry, confused as she lacked memories of her previous life, simply went along with it.   Kalheim and Sherry would talk to each other a lot, as neither of them really had anyone else to talk to, as Sherry was kept hidden, and Kalheim had no friends. They discussed interests, views on life, worked on experiments together, and tried to piece together Sherry's past. The two formed a close bond over time.   Sometime had passed when Sherry was discovered by another student. The school threatened to have Kalheim arrested and his thrall killed, but in a last ditch effort to protect Sherry, the two of them ran away together to a secret location deep in the mountain. Kalheim was very protective of Sherry, and only let her go out to go get supplies from town.   One of these trips to town, they found the tower was being attacked by shades, and against his better judgment, Kalheim decided to help. It was here he commanded Sherry to fight for the first time, and was amazing by the extent of her powers. After risking themselves to help the mages, Kalheim and Sherry joined the Godess Knights, where they were able to make connections and friendships with other people.   However, after the attack on the headquarters years later, Kalheim would be killed and his bond with Sherry broken. To stop her from fading away, Malice took his place as her new master, wiping her memories and forcing her to attack her former friends.  

Relationship Description
Kalheim was infatuated Sherry the moment he saw her. He would do anything for her to make sure she was safe and happy. Every time she was hurt, he'd be right there to mend her wounds and give her kind words of encouragement. Even in death, in his afterlife, he cares for Sherry and is desperate to reunite with her and make sure she's okay.   Sherry felt the same to Kalheim. She had experienced a traumatic death, and he was to one to reach in and pull her from that deep dark abyss of death. She literally owed him her life, and would sacrifice herself for him, if he'd let her.   However, after her memories were wiped by Malice, she had no memories of Kalheim. And with them, her feeling for him also disappeared, his name meaning nothing to her outfit of a clue to piecing together her already fragmented and warped memories.

Sherry Eckstein


Towards Malice




Towards Sherry Eckstein



Sherry met Malice when he attacked the Goddess Knights base and killed her former master Kalheim. After this, he stole control over Sherry's life, and commanded her to attack her former teammates, driving them out of the base.   Lacking her memories, Malice convinced Sherry the the Knights were bad people who mistreated her and wiped her memories, but claiming he could help her get them back if she worked for him.

Relationship Description
  Sherry dislikes Malice and hates working for him and the things he makes her do for him. She pretends to be a loyal and doting servant in the hopes that he will return her memories, believing them to be the key to her finding a way out of Malice's servitude.   Malice on the other hand feels nothing towards Sherry. He sees her as a tool, a slave, his property, and nothing else. He will use her to do things that he cannot do due to his limitations as a demonic spirit, such as interacting with the over-world when he's not actively possessing Emmett.

Johan Forlorn


Towards Sherry Eckstein


Sherry Eckstein


Towards Johan Forlorn



Johan never really liked Sherry. She was the byproduct of necromancy, a practice Johan vehemently disagreed with. He never really saw Sherry as a person, but rather an abomination of dark magic that Johan toted around like his child. They never interacted much during their time in the nights, but Johan could see how much Kalheim cared for Sherry, so he tried to treat her with basic respect.

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September 4th (Virgo)
1936 AD 1955 AD 19 years old
Circumstances of Death
Death By Freezing
Munich, Germany
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
English, German
Family Ties

Christof Eckstein (Father)

Esther Eckstein (Mother)

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