Kalheim Aedian

The Hero of Death

"If you ask me, the mages council can take their rules and shove them up their arses. I just want to do my experiments in peace."
  Kalheim Aedian was an elven necromancer and a former member of the Goddess Knights along side with a zombi-fied Sherry Eckstein.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Kalheim is a a City Elf, meaning he has a mixed gene pool. He is average height and build for an elf with pale skin and platinum blonde hair. His hair is long and messy and drapes over his shoulders and in his face. He has long ears and a narrow face. His eyes are a dark grey and he often his heavy dark circles under his eyes. Under his left eye he has a small tattoo of a magic sigil that enhances his spell casting abilities. He has more sigils on his stomach, chest and back as well.  


Kalheim is usually seen wearing a muted purple, over-sized cloak that he often uses to shroud his face. The cloak is plain aside from a red horned rose design in the back. He decorated the
cloak with jewelry made out of animal bones, an most notably like to were a belt that is made from small, hand-crafted clay skulls.   When he is dressed in his civilian clothing, he wears a black tunic with flowing sheer sleeves, one of which having a striped pattern in. Under this tunic is a sleeveless turtleneck top. Around his waist he has a bright violet belt with a skull shaped buckle, and he has similar smaller belts on his dark trousers. He also tends to wear black, platform heel boots with both outfits.
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Demon Form

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When he becomes a Devil, his skin turns dark grey, and his hair and eye turn white, even his tattoo markings turn white. He forms a third eye in the center of his forehead and grows two black, curved horns. He also gains sharp teeth and claws.

Special abilities

Kalheim is a necromancer and a talented Dark Mage. He is extremely knowledgeable on the subjects of anatomy and biology and can put a creature back together and use his magic to resurrect them. He can resurrect animals completely and command small armies of human corpses, but they are usually little more than lifeless puppets.   Kalheim was one of the first to learn how to resurrect humans with their souls, as demonstrated with Sherry, but it requires a considerable amount of magic, which he compensates with an excessive amount of mana boosting potions. He is also skilled at crafting these potions, but his expertise comes more in the form of poison crafting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kalheim was born in Howlite Hills in Ghliteren. At a young age, he showed potential to be very skilled with magic, but much to the concern of his parents, this talent seemed to involved dark magic. Many attempts were made to get Kalheim to focus on a different school of magic, but he failed to perform as well in any other subject. Concerned urges turned into angry scolding and abusive language as he got older.   Kalheim also found a curiosity in the morbid and macabe, which got him labeled as a freak and a demon worshiper but not only parents but his neighbors and peers. Kalheim ignored all of it and continued to explore the subjects that made him happy. He first learned necromancy when he was 10, and he figured out how to reanimated the corpses of small insects and later mice.   When Kalheim turned 18, he left home to become a full time mage and study at the tower in Variscite Peak. Despite being advise many times to change his school of magic, Kalheim disregarded other's opinions and continued to do his own thing the way he wanted to. He also continued his necromancy experiments in secret.   One day, he was hiking the mountain when he found the frozen corpse of a young woman on the side of the mountain. The ice had perfectly preserved the body, and Kalheim found himself smitten by the woman's soft features and felt a deep sorrow that the woman was no longer alive to speak to. Kalheim decided to risk everything to try to resurrect the woman. After countless long treks out to that frozen rock, he finally managed to wake the girl, marking his first successful human reanimation.   The now zombi-fied girl introduced herself as Sherry and had no recollection of her past. Kalheim gave her a place to stay in his dorm but pleaded with her to stay hidden. The two formed a close bond over the years, but someone would soon discover sherry and realize what Kalheim had been doing.   Kalheim and Sherry barely escaped being arrested or killed and fled into a secret location. Kalheims new home was secluded and far away from civilization to escape being recognized. He only left on rare occasions to gather supplies.

The Goddess Knights

  On one of his rare trips into town, Kalheim noticed something was wrong with the mages tower. Upon closer inspection, the building was flooded with Shades. Kalheim wanted to help, but knew going in risked him being caught. Regardless, he took the risk and ran in to defend the other mages.   At the end of the battle, Kalheim attempted to escape unnoticed, but ran directly into the Goddess Knights who were also in the building fight the shades off. At first the Knights were confrontational at the suspicious looking mage, but when given the chance to explain himself, their leader Sarah was impressed and astonished that he risked so much to protect people. Despite being cast out by his community, he still felt the need to help them.   Sarah offered Kalheim a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the Empire by joining the Knights. He accepted only on the condition that Sherry would be made a Knight too. Sarah found the request odd, but accepted none-the-less. Kalheim's was pardoned on his crimes against the magic community and served the Knights along side Sherry for many years.


Shortly after the deaths of Knights Faellen and Nelleaf Ramifus, there was an unexpected attack on the Goddess Knights head quarters by a mysterious man introducing himself only as Malice. Kalheim and Sherry attempted to hold back the demons while the others evacuated the building, but Malice was far too strong for them and completely wrecked Kalheim in a one on one fight.   While on the ground, Malice set Kalheim on fire using his powers, burning him alive. As Kalheim passed, the connection between him and Sherry was severed, the only thing to spare her from fading away, was for someone else to take over as her master.  
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Kalheim appeared in the underworld after his death. Finding his sentence to hell unfair and unjustified, he attempted work his way out of the The Underside on his own. He was eventually caught by a devil that was looking for body parts. He used a special pair of demonic scissors to attack Kalheim and cut and remove his fingers, his eyes, his ears, and a few of his internal organs. When he was about to take his heart, Kalheim managed to use his magic on a near by corpse to knock the scissors away from the demon.   Remembering his studies on undead creatures and desperate to defend himself, he snatches the scissors and stabbed the demon, ripping it's third eye out and eating it. This triggered a transformation that healed his injuries and turn him into a devil himself. Currently, he is wondering the Underworld still looking for for a way to save Sherry.


Aromantic Pansexual

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Kalheim is at his happiest being alone to focus on his work. He had a fondness for the dark, spooky and macabre and reflected that in the way he dresses and how he tends to decorate his home. He's very amused by novelty trinkets and loves gothic style clothing.   He wasn't a big fan of the Mages Council or the strict laws on magic they put in place, being a believer in having free expression with magic.  

Virtues & Perks

Kalheim is a very intelligent and was talented mage, possibly even the smartest of the whole team. He is a master problem solver, if a bit of a trickster. He's very passionate about his interests and is the type who could go on and on for hours over a subject he was interested in. Despite his interest in death, he has a good heart and won't hurt someone for no reason. He often has good intentions for his actions and wants to help, even if to some means of doing this is morally questionable.

Vices & Flaws

Kalheim has pretty poor social skills is pretty terrible at reading and mimicking social queues. His behavior can come off as creepy and off putting to someone who isn't used to him, as his interest in the macabre can start to sound obsessive and feishizing. He is an enigma of a man who is difficult to understand. He tends to be rude and snarky to others when he's in a bad mood, which makes keeping friendly relationships even harder. He also struggles with a bit of an addiction to potions.

Motivation & Conflict

For a long time Kalheim only cared about his research and his hobbies, but after meeting Sherry, he felt a strong urge to make sure she was happy and loved. This also meant making sure the world was a better place for the two of them to exist. He also felt guilty, knowing how often his experiments have put the two of them in danger.



Kalheim has a quite unique way of presenting himself. While when he was in hiding he tended to be quieter and not stand out much, but when around people he trusted, he dons this rather dramatic, exaggerated spooky persona, only really toning it down if he was in a bad mood. His body language tends to read 'evil villain' when in reality he's a good person with an unorthodox personality.


He speaks with a eloquent and haughty sounding accent. He isn't very loud and in fact, has a quite eerie tone to the way he spoke, and it often waveres nervously. In awkward moments he's known to fill the silence with forced laughter... which didn't help.


Kalheim Aedian


Towards Sherry Eckstein


Sherry Eckstein


Towards Kalheim Aedian



Kalheim found Sherry's body on the side of a mountain decades after she had frozen to death there. The ice had kept her body perfectly preserved and her appearance was so striking for Kalheim that he knew this was who he wanted to bring back from the grave.   After several long, grueling weeks, Sherry opened her eyes for the first time and saw Kalheim. The first thing she asked was to be taken somewhere warm. Kalheim brought her to his dorm in the Mages tower and told her about how he brought her back from the dead and how he was technically her master, but he didn't want to force her to do his bidding or anything. Sherry, confused as she lacked memories of her previous life, simply went along with it.   Kalheim and Sherry would talk to each other a lot, as neither of them really had anyone else to talk to, as Sherry was kept hidden, and Kalheim had no friends. They discussed interests, views on life, worked on experiments together, and tried to piece together Sherry's past. The two formed a close bond over time.   Sometime had passed when Sherry was discovered by another student. The school threatened to have Kalheim arrested and his thrall killed, but in a last ditch effort to protect Sherry, the two of them ran away together to a secret location deep in the mountain. Kalheim was very protective of Sherry, and only let her go out to go get supplies from town.   One of these trips to town, they found the tower was being attacked by shades, and against his better judgment, Kalheim decided to help. It was here he commanded Sherry to fight for the first time, and was amazing by the extent of her powers. After risking themselves to help the mages, Kalheim and Sherry joined the Godess Knights, where they were able to make connections and friendships with other people.   However, after the attack on the headquarters years later, Kalheim would be killed and his bond with Sherry broken. To stop her from fading away, Malice took his place as her new master, wiping her memories and forcing her to attack her former friends.  

Relationship Description
Kalheim was infatuated Sherry the moment he saw her. He would do anything for her to make sure she was safe and happy. Every time she was hurt, he'd be right there to mend her wounds and give her kind words of encouragement. Even in death, in his afterlife, he cares for Sherry and is desperate to reunite with her and make sure she's okay.   Sherry felt the same to Kalheim. She had experienced a traumatic death, and he was to one to reach in and pull her from that deep dark abyss of death. She literally owed him her life, and would sacrifice herself for him, if he'd let her.   However, after her memories were wiped by Malice, she had no memories of Kalheim. And with them, her feeling for him also disappeared, his name meaning nothing to her outfit of a clue to piecing together her already fragmented and warped memories.

Johan Forlorn


Towards Kalheim Aedian


Kalheim Aedian


Towards Johan Forlorn



Johan was uneasy about Kalheim joining the team from the very start. Him being a dark magic user and a necromancer, to things that did not mix with Johan's beliefs. They two did not get along well at all for a long time, Johan found Kalheim's careless personality grating at times, and Kalheim got annoyed at Johan's preachy nature.   Kalheim would often do things to purposely get on his nerves. Johan would try to stop some of Kalheim's more destructive bad habits, like his abuse of potent mana potions, and his tenancy not to sleep. The two butted heads more than anyone in the group, but Johan couldn't convince himself to hate Kalheim.   So when Kalheim perished at the hands of a demon attack on their base, Johan was horrified and felt deep guilt and sorrow for being unable to help him.

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