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"Ah to be a mage, spending your life dedicated to study, mastering the power of the gods, it's every magic isers dream. But take caution, as it is wlso a most dangerous career path. One mistep and you'll end up blowing something up."
— Introduction Apprentice Wizarding



Mages are any magic user that has spent much of their life studying magic and honing their skills with it. Anyone can call themselves a mage, but those considered 'true' mages have graduated their first four years of mage college.

Career Progression

Typically, a mage earns money through commission, be it selling spells or enchantments, or just selling their services, but there are plenty of full time careers mages can find themselves in.   A mage skilled with healing magic can become a healer, and advance their skills by working with priests/priestesses. If they are more focused on offensive magic, they can join the royal guard as a battle mages. Someone skilled with potion making can become an Alchemist. Much of the jobs around the Fantasme can involve magic in one way or another, the possibilities are truly endless.   The most prestigious titles however is becoming a part of the Mage's Council, who have an important role in the politics and law making of the Empire of Fanentous. Mage's council mages often work closely with political leaders and are often hired as personal court mages for them. Court mages provide magical services for the elite and act as advisers for them when it comes to magical related subjects.



The Fantasme relies on magic and people often use it in their every day lives. But not everyone has the time or dedication to study magic for so long, so its common to hire a mage to take care of magical related tasks. Often its a good idea to have a mage with you when traveling, as their unique skillset and knowledge in the arcane can safe can be a lifesaver.

Social Status

Mages are very well repected in the Fantasme. They are often portrayed as being intelligent, introspective and passionate, all valuable traits. As well, mages are respected for their elite status in some circles.



Magic can be easily cast through the body, however many mages make use of wands and staffs, as they act as conductors that allow for more complex spells with less mena being used. Staffs are often equipped with Magic Crystals in order to make them more effective.


Mages often work from home, or from a special lab or study. These studies are often full of books, tools and arcane artifacts and materials for the mage to make use of. Mage work better in calm, quiet environments where they can relax and study in peace, as magic is often tied with the mind and emotions.  


Mages tend to where cloaks and robes, often ones that are very soft and warm. Mages prefer wearing clothing that feels comfortable, loose and non-restrictive. They ultimately work better when they feel relaxed and happy.

Dangers & Hazards

Being a mage can be a very dangerous profession if on isn't careful. Magic is volatile and unpredictable, and one little accident can result in pretty devastating effects to both the user and the people around them. Many an inexperienced mage have damaged property, accidentally cursed themselves, or even died.   Mages are also easy targets in battle situations. Most mages are fairly unathletic and live sedentary lifestyles. Coupled with the fact they don't tend to wear armor, they are very squishy and vulnerable members of a group and need to be protected.  


There are many laws against certain magic practices in order to keep the Empire safe and magic users in check. Some of these laws include using magic to harm others, commit crimes or cause harm to the environment. Entire schools of magic are also banned, like Necromancy and Demon magic. Dark magic has yet to be banned in full, but since many illegal forms of magic are tied to it, the debate of banning it has come up many times.   Illegal mages can be charged with any number of crimes depending on the severity of the crime, and some are even executed for particularly horrendous crimes. The typical punishment usually ends up with them jailed and having to wear and anti-magic collar, which makes them unable to cast spells. Many illegal mages form groups to protect themselves with numbers from law enforcement.

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  Witches are what mages residing on Earth are called. Witches tend to be more secretive then in the Fantasme, and communicate mostly in covens. Witches tend to only reside in small locations around the planet known as Mana Pockets, and their culture is very different to mages, as they don't hold the same level of prestige.   Witches were persecuted for centuries for practicing the 'dark arts' and 'devil worship'. Many were hung or burned at the stake for what humans deemed sinful crimes. As a result, witches have formed laws intended to hide their existence from humans in order to hide them. Witches have also embraced the spooky stereotypes media has portrayed, as the exaggerated personas tend to throw snooping humans off.   Witches run on a more experimental form of magic, as they have limited mana to work with, and fewer resources. They lack libraries worth of spell books and easy access to magical ingredients. Some shops in mana pockets will sell rare magical items for a high price.

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