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Ludin Emisri

"You're on shrooms if you think I'm going to abandon 15 years of hard work because of some bloody beast curse. If you won't help me find the cure, I'll do it on my own!"

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

A wood elf with short, curly hair that is a vibrant pastel blue, sharp golden eyes, and a soft face with a dark complexion. During the full moon he turns into a large werewolf with course dark blue hair.  


He wars an oversize mage robes with a pale blue, silk poncho cape and a sash around his waist. The sleeves are bellowed with a lace design along the wrist band. On his head he adorns a soft wizard hat with a large, floppy brim. He occasionally wears a pair of comically large round glasses which used to have lenses in them before his lycanthropy cured his eyesight.

Special abilities

He is a mage skilled in magic. He tries to be a jack of all trade and dip his toes in many schools of magic, and is currently studying transformation magic, but knows some elemental magic spells for defense, primarily ice magic.   In his werebeast form, he retains some of his eye magic and gains the ability to breathe ice.

Specialized Equipment

He carries with him a wand with decorative swirling patterns that he uses for casting magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ludin was a scholar at the Mages College and like many mages there, had spent most of his life studying magic in order to become the best in his craft and respected among the mage community. He was researching transformation magic, and in particular, the Lycanthropy curse. He would frequently travel to Lykos Isle where quarantined werewolves were kept and study their lives, their behaviors, and the biology. He found himself fascinated with them.   Eventually, Ludin decided he wanted to develop a cure or treatment for lycanthropy, so he began performing magical experiments on the residents. He would test spells, potions, and magical artifacts on them to find something that worked. These tests often were dangerous, both to the participant and himself. A few times, an experiment would trigger a shift and Ludin would have to fend off a werewolf. He even got bit once, but his elven genes protected him from full infection.   However one day he was trying some new spells on a subject, and accidentally triggered a transformation, which resulted in Ludin getting bit again, and he got sick, but managed to be snuck off the island with the help of his friend and lover Daenious. Ludin was certain that his body would fight it off, but grew concerned when new symptoms started showing up.   Growing more paranoid, he locked himself away in his room to work day in and day out on a cure. However there wasn't enough time. While he was mixing a potion to try and use on himself, the full moon came and he shifted for the first time, and went on a rampage in the school, attacking some of the students and destroying things. Thankfully, some of the mages were able to subdue him.   When he awoke, he found himself locked away in a holding cell in the basment of the tower. Daenious was near by and quick to tell him what happened, but Ludin was able to put the pieces together himself.   Spoilers for Fantasme Imagination below.

Lilihum Arc

  During the Lilihum arc, the Goddess Knights stumble upon the mage college in Nemekadi where they try to get their companion Rozehert enrolled. Daenious, who happened to be on receptionist duty, regretfully informs the group that mages need to take a trail before the are admitted, and trials have already ended.   But then Daenious gets an idea, and offers a different kind of trial for the the group. Daenious requests the group help him with his friend who was infected and brings them down to meet Ludin, who desparately asks the group to travel to Lilihum to find a cure for his lycanthropy so he's not kicked out of the school.   The Knights agree to these terms and set off on the journey, but they ultimately return a week later with no results. Its now the evening of the full moon and in his frustration, Ludin berates the group for being unable to help him and they get into an arguement before leaving.   Ludin is left fuming and stressed out, and Daenious suggests a moment of fresh air before sunset and offers to escort him to the courtyard. Once there Ludin calms down a bit as the two talk, but unexpectedly starts shifting early, before Daenious can get him back to the cell. Ludin transforms and attacks Daenious, leaving him severely injured, and starts running around the city causing chaos.   The Knights luckily intervene and are able to stop him, but soon town guards surround prepared to kill him when Daenious, still injured, intervenes, admitting it was his fault he got out and that he would take him to Lykos Isle himself. He parted ways with the Knights by apologizing to them and too Ludin to the isle.  

Lykos Isle Arc

  Ludin is taken to Lykos isle where he is intended to stay for the rest of his life with other infected, and he is obviously not pleased with it. He refuses to talk to or even look Daenious in the eye the whole trip and is eventually brought in and taken to his new assigned housing.   However Ludin is determined not to be stuck there forever, so he once again starts with his magical experiments trying to find himself a cure. However he quickly finds he cant cast magic as easily, as excess mana triggers small partial shifts which are very painful for him. Realizing his life long career in magic was over, he began to fall into a deep depression.   What he didn't realize is how one of his spells have caused weird effects on the island, prompting the Knights to intervene once again.




Ludin excelled in school at the top of his class, and joined the Mages College when he was 18. He graduated his first four years at the school and continued to study at the school for more than a decade.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Ludin enjoys studying magic and learning about the different things the world of the arcane has to offer. He gets almost smug satisfaction from being the most skilled or intelligent of a group.   He hates to have his studies interrupted and is annoyed by even the slightest inconvenience to something he wants to do.

Virtues & Personality perks

Ludin is a very intelligent and skilled mage. He dedicated himself to his work and is able to produce amazing spells and potions. He is a jack of all trades and can cast magic from many different schools. He's an author and has written a few of his own spell books. He loves magic and will talk for ours about it with anyone who will listen.

Vices & Personality flaws

Ludin is book smart, but tends overthink things, and occasionally makes dumb mistakes based on assumptions. He has poor social skills and an short temper that often comes off as rude and dismissive. He is sensitive and easily set off or upset, and when he's not angry, he'll fall into despair when things aren't going his way.

Personality Quirks

Tends to fidget with things when he is thinking or irritable, such as his wand, or the brim of his hat.



Ludin tends to act like your typical poncy, wimpy elven mage. He tends to frequently wear a judgmental scowl and is very closed in on himself and shy.


Ludin Emisri


Towards Daenious Mangnisis


Daenious Mangnisis


Towards Ludin Emisri



Ludin and Daenious were both classmates for years and shared an interest in magic that they formed a bond over. The more social Daenious was one of Ludin's only companions during their student years and Daenious filled a very protective role for the absentminded Ludin.   They two eventually grew affectionate of each other, but have always kept their relationship on the down low. They eloped in their late twenties, but they still tend to stay pretty quiet about their relationship.

Legal Status


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Year of Birth
1983 AD 33 Years old
Current Residence
Icy Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Significant Other
Daenious Mangnisis
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