Variscite Peak

The Frosty City

"Well, I was sore and freezing from the climb up there, but I finally made it to Variscite Peak. For a large city it feels awfully quaint and cozy, but being outside is a no go. Too cold, too high up. I should also mention I currently have a black eye from making a 'short temper' joke to one of the locals." Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles
  Variscite Peak is a Mountain Elf village and the capital of Ghliteren. It is named after the gemstone Variscite.


Variscite is made up of mostly mountain elves, due to the difficulty to reach the city as well as the cold conditions.

Industry & Trade

With the abundance of mines on the mountain, the city makes good money trading gemstones and metals.


In order to extend the size of the city, parts of it are artificially extended using wooden or stone platforms that hang off of cliffs or attach to the sides of the mountain. At least half of the city built like this, and this form of expansion even exists on lower, warmer parts of the mountain


Variscite, and by extension Ghliteren, was founded by explorers from the Empire of Fanentous. Originally an expedition to find resources, certain groups ended up making the mountain their home. Variscite was the first settlement to be made on the mountain itself.   Today, the city is known of the 'Inventors Paradise' as many unique and world changing inventions have originated from Variscite. Young aspiring mechanics or inventors well often head to the area to practice their craft.


The city if very cozy looking, with most of it's buildings and homes being log cabins and tudor houses. Much of the city is made of wood and stone that extends off of the main mountain cliff.


Variscite sits on a large cliff about 5,647ft from ground level. It is very snowy, and rocky and the actual amount of natural walkable land is small, hence why the city needs to be artificially extended. The city is the least cold part of the mountain , resting right about there temperatures drop low enough to turn into snow. During the summers it's occasionally warm enough to rain, but this causes risk of freesing and causing damage to infrastructure.   There are off shoots of the city at lower, warmer parts of the mountain, while separated they are still considered part of the city.

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