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City elves are are race of Fae and can be found all over The Fantasme. Also called the Common Elf, they are the most common and populous race in the entire Fantasme.  

Basic Information

General Features

City elves are the 'mutt' of elf world. They are a mix of all races and thus can't be defined by a few core traits. City elves can come in any shape, size or color. Sometimes a city elf will identify as one of the pure blood races if they have enough of their features.   The most common look for city elves seem to be those who are tall with pale skin and long ears. A perfect combination of Wood, Desert and Mountain elves. This look is also the most recognizable look for city elves, as it's the most obvious mixing of traits. Some City Elves who prefer to see themselves as an original ethnicity, use specifically these traits to define a city elf.  

Special Skills

  City elves do no have any defining skills or advantages, since they are pretty much the 'generic' elf.  


  If most elves are a mix of humans and faries, city elves are the mix of the mix. City elf defines anyone who's genetic make up can't be traced to one specific elven race or another. They are called City elves primarily due to them being what makes up the majority of the population of Fanentous Capital and the province it resides in.   City elves have never had a political leader to represent them, as the Fanentous outskirts is ran by the Empress or Emperor, who is usually a pure blood elf from one of the other provinces. A few factions of city elves have cropped up and demanded that city elves be taken seriously as a official ethnicity and demand proper representation in the political landscape.


Culture and cultural heritage

City elves have a mix of cultures from all over the Fantasme. However for those who live in the Fanentous Outskirts tend to have a more greek and roman inspired culture, as the more of less stole much of their ideas. However they only have a surface level understanding of those cultures, from what they saw through portals.   The more in depth part of their culture stems from a history of Dualism throughout the Empire, most of which becoming universal among most races, with such things like holidays, worship practices and funeral traditions. City elves, like most elven cultures, are a society highly dependent and influenced by magic as well.

Common Etiquette rules

City elves are typically very polite and respectful people, as most live in the Capital and with in the presence of the Empress, however they can often come off as snooty and pretentious as a result of this.

Common Dress code

City Elf fashion is very medieval European or renascence era inspired. Although, City elves have a fondness for having cloaks or hoods sewn onto their clothing.   It's typical to be clean and well dressed. Fancy dresses and clothing more on the bougie side of things are typical of City elves, as many of them, at least those who live in the Capital, tend to be wealthier than most.

Art & Architecture

Most of the architecture of the city elves are inspired by what they had seen the Greeks and Romans do through portals, but with slight modifications to the overall design.City elf art and architecture tends to lean on the brighter, pastel side of things. Most of there houses are built with dyed brick and stone to give them a more vibrant, off-white color.   They are also quite found of tiled patterns and intricate carvings on things. Swirled designs or religious symbols are often placed into the design of many objects.   City elves have taken a lot of artistic inspiration from the desert elves, due to their cultural influence, however in contrast to their use of deeper, richer colors, the city elves make use of brighter, lighter colors.

Funerary and Memorial customs

In the past, elves would cremate their dead and store their ashes in tombs. However like most races, the practice has changed to the practice of parachuting bodies off of the islands. Most of the tombs are still around, but they no longer house the dead. Currently, people use them to build shrines for for loved ones. City elves believe these shrines give the soul a home to stay after their body is cast off the island.   As for the actual burial, the Dualism tradition is to gather around the edge of an island with friends and family, and wrap the body in a ceremonial cloth bag, and a parachute with their family crest sewn into it. A priest will usually say arrive and have a speech about the person and say a prayer. After the ceremony, the body is pushed off the island where it floats down into the abyss.

Common Taboos

City Elves aren't found of the term 'mutt'. Many city elves see themselves as a unique race of people, and deeply dislike the stigma of city elves being an unorganized group of 'mix bloods'. Calling a city elf a Mutt is considered pretty offensive.

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