Faellen and Nelleaf Ramifus

Always Together Forever

Faellen and Nelleaf are a set of conjoined twin espers who joined the Goddess' Knights during the first Shade war.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

  The twins are conjoined twins, connected at the shoulder. They're body for the most part appears normal, just that the girls have two heads. Faellen's head is on the left side, but she controls the right arm and leg, while Nelleaf's head is on the right, and she controls the lef arm and leg.   The twins have identical looking faces, so to tell them apart they cut their hair slightly differently. Faellen's hair is bobed and parted to the left, while Nelleaf's hair is slightly longer in the back and is parted to the right.   As ghosts, the girls are separate entities but still look very similar. Their ghosts are missing their arms, legs and chunks of their bodies on the sides that belonged to the other sibling. Before the ghosts where appeased, the effect was gruesome and gorey, but after being appeased, the afflicted areas are obscured by glowing lights that make them less horrifying to look at.  


  The twins had to get most of their clothes custom altered to fit their strange body type. The girls were very into fancy dresses, their favorite one resembled that of traditional Fairy clothing and even had a cape that resembled fairy wings. They wore it simply cause they found Fairy clothing to be beautiful.

Special abilities

The twins were espers and had psychic powers. They were capable of predicting the future, however the method of doing so was very complicated. Each twin would get a different vision, and each would tell different story or timeline of events, both equally plausible, but inherently contradictory. The girls would then have to debate with each other which vision was most likely to be true.   Having good information about a situation would usually help them get a better idea of which one was more likely the correct one.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Faellen and Nelleaf were born conjoined at the shoulder, much to the horror of their parents, who locked the twins away in a room in the back of their estate. Their parents where quite wealthy and high class citizens, and feared having such monstrous looking children would ruin their reputation. They weren't even given proper names, always refered to as 'The Twins' "Those things' and of course 'You two.'   When the girls where 7 years old, their father accidentally left their door unlocked before leaving the house. The twins decided they would use this as an opportunity to escape and run away. They would eventually stumble across a group of illegal mages in the woods. The mages took to the girls unique appearance almost immediately, and offered to take them in, giving them the names Faellen and Nelleaf, names that perfectly mirrored each other.   It was soon discovered the reason the girls were always so quiet was because they were communicating telepathically, revealing their potencial for powerful arcane magic. The mages took advantage of this, as they frequently would dabble in demon magic. The demon magic scared the girls but the mages tried to convince them what they were doing was a good thing.   When the girls were 15, the mage's camp seized in the middle of the night by a group of the Empress's soldiers, a group who introduced themselves as the Goddess' Knights. The Knights told the mages their were under arrest for the illegal use of demonic magic. Fighting broke out and the girls were locked in the caravan.   The girls used their psychic abilities to assess the situation and debated with each other if it was truely wise to stay with the mages, who clearly were doing awful things, even though they were always nice to them. In the end, the girls agreed that the Goddess Knights were people with greater destinies, and decided to escape and help them. When the girls found the Knights, they were able to use their powers to warn them about the demon the mages had summoned to try and kill them.   The Knight's leader Sarah Winter was at first shocked to see the twins, but because they assisted in the arrest of the mages they were staying with, Sarah allowed them to join as honorary Goddess Knights, if only to give them a place to stay. But Sarah would soon come to realize the amazing potential of the twins' powers.   Post Knights
Near the end of the war, they were beginning to disagree with each other more. Nelleaf was growing restless and wanted to be part of the action. When the two were having a particularly hard time predicting the Shade's next move, Nelleaf convinced her sister to go stake out a Shade base to learn more information 'the exciting way'. With only a short sword for self defence, the girls set off on their unauthorized mission.   Unfortunately for the girls, they greatly underestimated the number of shades in the area, and were quickly surrounded and attacked. The girls managed to barely escape with their lives, but Nelleaf had taken a nasty blow to the head, a life threatening injury that needed healing quickly. However when they arrived back to the base, the team's healer Johan was no where to be found, and attempts to contact him failed. Sadly no emergancy healers would be able to make it to the base before Nelleaf succumbed to her injuries and passed. With one twin dead, it wouldn't be long before Faellen would follow.   With no family crest to bear, the twins were buried in an elven tomb. However years later, a superstitious priest would break into the tomb and find the girl's bodies. Believing that they were demon spawn, the priest sawed their corpse in half and moved the halves to different parts of the tomb.   Eventually the reformed Goddess Knights would be sent by the neighboring village to investigate the intense hauntings that have occurred since the priests actions. Upon arriving to the temple, the Knights would be locked in and tormented by the ghosts of twins. Jérémie Aumerle, being a member of the original team, recognized the girls instantly even though they did not him, likely from the anger induced insanity they were experiencing as ghost.   The Knights eventually figured out that reuniting the twin's remains would appease the ghosts, and the girls would snap out of it and finally recognized Jer. Unsure of how to return back to the afterlife the twins noticed the Enchanted Mirror they had with them, and opted to possess the object as a means of aiding the heroes.




The twins never received a proper education. They could barely read or write when they were found by the illegal mages, and they taught the girls everything they know. Even still, the girls didn't know much about the world, remaining relatively sheltered even while in the care of the mages.


The girls were the youngest members to ever join the Goddess Knights. At first it wasn't official, as the twins had no experience in combat, but their had a gift that would prove detrimental in the survival of the Goddess Knights in the coming years, as they were able to predict when and how the enemy would attack with each upcoming battle. Their predictions were correct about 80% of the time, which was enought to give the Knights an edge over their enemies.   But because the Knights relied on the girls so much, their death would mark the moment the Knights began to crumble.

Personality Characteristics


The girls never had a major driving motivation. They just felt liked to follow those they felt had an interesting destiny. The Goddess Knights were kind of them, so they felt obligated to help them in return.

Likes & Dislikes

Despite having the same body and the same experiences, the girls had very different personalities.
Faellen enjoyed reading and music. She liked things that were pretty and soft. But she hated loud and obnoxious activities.
Nalleaf enjoyed listening to tales of adventure and watching people fight. She liked watching people train or going to see gladiator battles. She found calmer actives to be quite boring.

Virtues & Personality perks

Faellen was the calm and collected twin. She thought through problems critically. She was the kind and forgiving one of the two.
Nalleaf was the decisive go getter twin. She often relied on intuition and trust to solve problems. Nelleaf acted as the voice for both of them as she talked more.

Vices & Personality flaws

Faellen often could be a bit judgmental and stuck up, exotically towards her sister's interests. She also had a bad habit of being a bit of a push over and often allows her sister to make decisions for the both of them, even if they aren't always in their best interest.
Nalleaf tended to commit to actions emotions first with out truly thinking about the consequences of her actions. She also had a slight sadistic tendency which unsettled a lot of people, even her own sister.



The twins tended to keep to themselves and be very reserved in how they expressed themselves. They often played around with the classes 'creepy twin' aesthetic for fun. The two often would hands to feel more connected.   The twins were very quite and didn't typically speak above a whisper, or at all some times. They two could communicate telepathically, so they rarely spoke out loud, even when discussing their visions.

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1976 AD 1998 AD 22 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Conjoined at birth
Circumstances of Death
Nalleaf was mortally injured in battle. Faellen succumbed to internal bleeding hours later.
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