Enchanted Mirror & Dimentional Mirrors

Magic Mirror on the wall...

Enchanted mirrors and dimensional mirrors are powerful arcane tools used in the The Fantasme. Frequently used by mages and royalty to for the purposes of communication and even transportation.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Like Magic Crystals, some types of mirrors can absorb mana, imbuing them with magical properties. Magical mirrors are notable as their effects are the most consistent and reliable.   To describe their mechanics, it should be noted the difference between an Enchanted Mirror and a Dimensional Mirror.  

Enchanted Mirror

  Enchanted mirrors are the basic and most common form of magic mirrors. They can be any size from a pocket or hand mirror, to a large standing mirror. One activated, they can have the following uses;  
  • Communication. The mirrors can connect to each other and display the reflection of the other. This makes for a useful form of communication in a world that lacks phones or computers.
  • Recording Information. Whatever the mirror reflects on it's surface can be recorded and played back like a video. With this in mind it can be used to keep notes and records of recent events it has seen.
  • Magic Light Reflection. A beam of light reflected off of the surface of an enchanted mirror can often effect other magically charged objects it touches, like opening enchanted locks or uncovering cloaking spells. They are often used for security for this reason. Mirrors can be specially made with an etching that shows in his light reflection, often of a specific sigil or rune that can open specific enchanted doors.

Dimensional Mirrors

  Dimensional mirrors take things to a new level. These are created when an enchanted mirror is possessed by a soul powerful mage, either through force or by volunteering. This new level of magic and intelligence grants the mirror a whole new range of powers an abilities, often even changing depending on the skills of the mage.  
  • Assisting. Dimensional mirrors gain the major property of sentience. The soul inside can now act as a guide and an assistant to the owner of the mirror, offering advice and knowledge whenever necessary.
  • Alternate Universes. The name of Dimensional Mirrors comes from their dimension bending powers acquired from the upgrade. A dimensional mirror can reflect a person across all of time and space. It can show them glimpses of themselves in other universes and timelines, worlds where something is different, a choice they make, a major event, even the way they are born. This glimpses are brief but can often be insightful for one curious about the 'what ifs' and 'could have beens' that haunt their mind.
  • Transportation. Dimensional mirrors can still connect with other mirrors, however now they can also be walked through, essentially teleportation people to the other mirror. The drawback is that both mirrors must be actively connected to each other for the process to work, and only two mirrors can ever be connected together. The Empire of Fanentous maintains a massive network of mirrors in each of their capitols for easy transportation. However, they are usually located with in the palaces, and require high enough clearance to use.
  Dimensional mirrors can also have a number of effects that can vary, depending on the soul inhabiting them. From detecting nearby threats, to revealing hidden messages, to projecting dreams, a mirrors abilities beyond the core ones can be completely unique to that mirror, making them valuable.  


  While typically, magic mirrors tend to be pretty reliable and always work as intended, a few caveats that come with using them. For starters, they can only be activated with magic. This means non-magic users are incapable of using them, which is why you typically only find them in magic institutions and royal palaces, and rarely --if ever-- in a human village.   As well, breaking or cracking mirrors will irreparably damage them, though with luck, the damage will simply cause the mirror to stop working. But be warned, even minor cracks will cause the mirror to malfunction in unpredictable ways, and smashing them is not advised as they will often explode into broken shards and raw mana, injuring those near by.


Magic mirrors have been invaluable help to those living in the Fantasme and especially the functioning of The Empire as whole. Much of the inner workings of the empire are aided by the ease of communication and transport, and no longer must important ambassadors or royalty risk being ambushed on the travel between capitols.   Dimensional mirrors on the other hand, have become quite controversial with some members of the Empire, as the use of mortal souls as tools and power sources is deemed by main detractors as being unethical and inhumane. While in the past, souls of powerful mages would often be forced into such a position, public outcry has made the practice illegal if the mage hadn't volunteered before death.

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Item type
Owning Organization
Fairly common in magical institutions and among royalty.
Varies, thought for dimensional mirrors, it's advised they be large enough for a person to walk through.
Raw materials & Components
Reflective Quartz (It must be quartz, as glass will not absorb mana.)   Anything else is used simply as decoration.

Manufacturing Process

Enchanted mirrors must be made out of reflective quartz, as only natural crystals can absorb magic with the efficiency required to create one. Glass, being a mostly man-made material, doesn't take to magic very well. While a quartz mirror has a chance of enchanting itself, that is luck based and unreliable, so it's better for a magic to enchant the mirror themselves.   A mage who is skilled enough at arcane magic should be able to enchant a mirror no differently than any other object, however it's advised to be careful, as too much magic may cause the surface to break and crack, which can cause unintended side effects.   Upgrading an enchanted mirror to a dimensional mirror is a whole different can of worms and your mileage my vary.

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