The Devil in Blue

"If you're looking for some tragic backstory to exploit, you won't find one. I do all of this for fun."
Malice is one half of Malephar and a major antagonist. He works under Vahit and currently possesses a young boy named Emmett Espinosa.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physical Appearance

Malice is a Devil type demon who presents as male. He is a tall, handsome gentlement with blue skin and dark blue hair that is always combed neatly back. He has a pair of horns that are a slightly deeper hue of blue than his skin, and a long devil tail. His ears and teeth are pointed and he has black eyes with yellow, glowing iris's. He also has a very recognizable skill pattern on his face, resembling face paint.


When Malice possesses a human, their body stays mostly the same until he decides to take control. When he does, the human will form some of his traits, like horns, a tail, darkened eyes, or patches of blue skin. The human looks more and more like Malice the more he takes control.


Malice can wear whatever he wants, but he's most commonly seen in a blue, two piece suit. His appearance can change dramatically depending one the time period, location and personality of the person he is possessing. However his clothing is merely a figment of the possessee's mind, and don't actually exist.

Special abilities

Malice is a devil and possesses a wide range of demonic powers. His more favorite abilities however is his pyromancy, which allows him very powerful fire conjuration abilities. He is also able to easily open portals to other dimensions and even summon weaker demons through them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Malice was 'born' when his former self, Malephar, was split into two entities. He and his sister Malevolence were the result. The two were quickly separated and taken to separate parts of the Underworld to prevent them from easily merging back together.   Malice was missing half of his memories and half of his personality and emotions, which left him confused and unresponsive for a while. Eventually his new mind filled in the blanks and he came to. Malice had retained the logical half of Malephar's mind, leaving him rather emotionally distant.   After being separated, the only thing Malice cared about was figuring out how to reform their former self however he quickly found out that his sibling's impulsive nature got her captured and imprisoned in a crystal, which he spent decade searching for, all the while training his powers so that when the two reuinited, they would be ever stronger than before.   He eventually followed one his his leads to what was supposed to be a devil territory, but instead found it had been invaded and corrupted by a new species of demon only called Shade and their leader Vahit now possessed his sister's crystal. Realizing he was still too weak to take on Vahit in a fight, he decided to work with the man to get closer. He convinced Vahit he was invested in his cause and offered his services to him. from then on he acted as Vahit's second in command. His skills were crucial in taking out the original The Goddess Blades, and single-handedly turned the war in Vahit's favor.   Being a demon, Malice had to possess humans in order to fight on the surface for long. However, his power was too strong for adults with a stronger will, and using his powers quickly deteriorated their bodies until they were no more use to him. He dealt with this problem by swapping hosts frequently, but over time this because too much of a time consuming nuisance for him, so during the downtime between the first war he searched for a more efficient solution. He had the idea to possess a younger person with a weaker will and strain their body over time to handle his power, and soon, he would find his perfect vessel.

Gender Identity




Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Malices interests include torture, misery, mutilation and long walks on the lava beach. In all reality Malice doesn't have many definable interests, finding things like human hobbies to be petty and boring. He gets most of his joy from simply being the worst person he can be and ruining people's lives.   He hates not being in control. He becomes angry and humiliated when he's not on top of a situation and one step ahead of everyone else.

Virtues & Personality perks

"Say what you want, but you know I'm the reason everything has been falling into place lately. You just can't plan like I can."
  Malice is a very intelligent, very cunning demon. His ability to manipulate others is unrivaled in hell. He's skilled at planning ahead and is always sure to consider every possibility of something getting in his way and how to respond to it. He is a very suave and charismatic figure, and he has been able to use his wit and charm to win people over to his side many times in the past.

Vices & Personality flaws

"Oh I am going to enjoy watching you watch all of your friends and family burn, and then subjecting you to a long, agonizing death.. if I'm that merciful"
Malice is a complete sociopath, with his sense of empathy literally being taken by his other half Malevolence. He does not care for the lives of others, only his own personal goals. Being only half a person, he struggles to feel any form a pleasure from things. The only exception is the euphoria he derives from suffering of those beneath him. He practically gets aroused at the idea of death and misery and finds attempts to 'reason with him' amusing.



Malice's mannerisms are very confident, but subdued and posh. Despite this he still manages to come off as an imposing and threatening person. He's expressions tend to range from smug to crazed and malicious.


Malice has a deep, smooth voice that demands respect from the listener (and catches people off guard when he speaks through Emmett). He speak formally with a slight hint of an accent.


Emmett Espinosa


Towards Malice




Towards Emmett Espinosa



Malice had realized that adult bodies were too strong for his powers to work properly, as their wills kept them from succumbing to possession as easily. He needed to find a body that wouldn't be destroyed so quickly by his powers, so he searched for a younger vessel he could train to be his permanent body.   That's when Malice met Emmett, shortly after being detained and charged with the murder of his parents. He was desperate to find a way out, so Malice reached out to the boy and offered his services to him in exchange for his body. The young, naive, and emotionally unstable boy agreed to his terms and allowed him to possess him.   Later Malice would force Emmett to work with his own boss, Vahit.

Relationship Description
Malice and Emmett do not like each other, they tolerate each other. Malice often finds Emmett to be incompetent and reckless, which angers him to the point of lashing out at Emmett to punish him. He has little respect for the boy, and only sees him as a human skin suit and a toy for him to play with.   Emmett hates Malice, but knows that with out him, he's weak and powerless. He deals with his degrading attitude and harsh punishments because he knows that he doesn't have a way out of it. He defends Malice in front of others simply to convince himself he didn't make a mistake, but he is simply in denial about the situation.



Towards Malice



Second in Command

Towards Vahit



During the war, Vahit was losing to the Goddess Knights, and fast. He was desperate to find something that would help him turn the war around. That something was Malice, a mysterious and powerful blue demon. He claimed to be interested in aiding him in the war, but would not go into detail why. Despite Vahit's suspicions, he couldn't deny that Malice was an incredibly powerful demon whose skills could prove crucial for the war. In the end, the two teamed up.   The next battle, Malice would come out swinging, using a possessed human to summon hordes of powerful demons onto the battle field, taking the unprepared Goddess Knights completely by surprise, and even managing to kill a few of their most prominent members. Vahit was quite impressed with Malice's performance and the two worked together to effectively win the war, driving the Goddess Knights into hiding for 20 years.  

Relationship Description
  Vahit and Malice, while making an excellent team in battle, are no where close to being 'friends'. Their opposing personalities mean when they are not on the battlefield, the butt heads frequently. Vahit doesn't completely trust Malice, as he a a sly and cunning person who doesn't always take his job seriously.   On the other hand, Vahit may well be in his right not to trust Malice.

Sherry Eckstein


Towards Malice




Towards Sherry Eckstein



Sherry met Malice when he attacked the Goddess Knights base and killed her former master Kalheim. After this, he stole control over Sherry's life, and commanded her to attack her former teammates, driving them out of the base.   Lacking her memories, Malice convinced Sherry the the Knights were bad people who mistreated her and wiped her memories, but claiming he could help her get them back if she worked for him.

Relationship Description
  Sherry dislikes Malice and hates working for him and the things he makes her do for him. She pretends to be a loyal and doting servant in the hopes that he will return her memories, believing them to be the key to her finding a way out of Malice's servitude.   Malice on the other hand feels nothing towards Sherry. He sees her as a tool, a slave, his property, and nothing else. He will use her to do things that he cannot do due to his limitations as a demonic spirit, such as interacting with the over-world when he's not actively possessing Emmett.



Towards Malevolence




Towards Malice



Malice and Malevolence 'met' when the were created, yet they already knew each other on a level no other two people could possibly ever know. For they were once the same person, and shared the memories of their past lives. However now they were two people, and two halves of the same personality, yet they already differed from each other so greatly that they started fighting. This made them unable to fuse again because they could not stop bickering long enough to do so.   Eventually the two went their separate ways. But after hearing his sister got trapped in a crystal, Malice found this to be the perfect time to 'reconnect' with his sibling.

Relationship Description
Malice and Malevolence could not be more different people, both of them took their own separate aspects of Malephar's personality, ones that ended up irreplaceable, like empathy, emotions, sanity. No longer able to understand each other on an emotional level, they constantly fight over petty things, even though both of them wish to return to their former state.

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