The Flying Mountains

"I had never climbed a mountain before I came to Ghilteren. I wasn't expecting the mountains to be are large as they were. There were a few mountains in Aurora forest, but those are nothing compared to this behemoth of a rock. My legs were so sore after the climb, and a goat tried to eat my journal! How rude!" Faerin Leyric's Tour of the Floating Isles

The Province of Ghliteren

  Ghliteren is a Province under rule of The Empire of Fanentous and is located north in the mountains of the same name. The province is the homeland of the Mountain Elves, a stout race of elves that have inhabited the mountains for centuries.   Currently the provice is ruled by it's king, King Arind IV, however, Arind is quite old and it's believed that in a few years his eldest daughter, Princess Earinda will take his place on the throne. Arind lives in his palace at the capital of Ghliteren Variscite Peak.  


  Before the Empire was founded, the mountains of Ghliteren were a mostly unexplored region of the Fantasme. Small tribes of mountain elves lived in rural and sparse villages near the base of the mountains, but the mountains themselves were considered uninhabitable due to the harsh conditions. In the 140's AD, the first expeditions to explore the mountains were initiated by explorers from the newly formed Empire of Fanentous. The indigenous mountain elf tribes were a crucial help for their survival, as they would often take journeys up the mountain for religious purposes.   The explorers would eventually form a settlement on the tallest of the mountains and name it "Variscite Peak" named after a pale green gemstone, variscite. Variscite peak would see many of the mountain elves moving from their villages to settle there, as it was a convenient location close to the resources they needed.   Because Varscite Peak was already affiliated with the Empire, it and the area of Ghliteren was declared a province under rule of the empire in 160 AD. This wasn't with out pushback however, as many of the still existing tribes were strongly against this plan, on the grounds of the relgious significance of the land to the mountain elves. A compromise was settled, allowing for the province the be founded as long as historic tribes, temples and monuments are left undisturbed.


Much of Ghliteren is a mountainous region far up north. The Glittering Mountains themselves are broken up into many individual islands each with their own name. The tallest of these mountains is Mt. Evysus, named after the High Angel of Magic, which peaks at over 15,000 ft from surface level. It's here where the city of Variscite Peak was founded.   Much of the mountains have gone unexplored due to the risky climb, the harsh conditions, and the dangerous animals roaming the mountain tops. The rest of the province consists of mostly tundra and hills with some forests in between. The land at ground level is significantly warmer than the mountains, but winters are still harsh and cold.  

Flora and Fauna

  The higher parts of the mountain usually hosts cold resistant plants and animals. Along side the typical evergreens are many magical plants that have adapted to the cold and even become enchanted with elemental magic.   Alongside your typical goats, bears and snow foxes, the mountains are infamously a host to thousands of dragons. Dozens of dragon species are known to roam the mountain tops, and next to the climate, are the main threat against settlements in the area. Many species are known to be aggressive towards people.  

Natural Resources

The mountains main resource and the reason they are called "The Glittering Mountains" is for the high concentration of crystals and gemstones with in the mountains. The mountain side is full of mines where these gemstones are grown or harvested.

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